Patient Participation Group

The PPG are a customer service group who support Frome Medical Practice and the NHS by working with doctors and nurses. We enable patients to help improve services and ensure the patient voice is heard.

If you would like to contact a member of the PPG:

  • to discuss the work of the PPG
  • to talk to another patient
  • to make a suggestion about how GP services could be improved
  • are interested in becoming a member of the PPG
  • are interested in joining the virtual PPG group.

Telephone: 01373 468365

About the PPG:

  • The Patient Participation Group meets at the invitation of Frome Medical Practice.
  • We offer the practice advice and support from the patients’ perspective.
  • We are all patients at Frome Medical Practice.
  • We are not medical professionals.
  • We try to represent the view of patients generally; we do not represent any particular group.
  • We are not a forum for complaints.
  • We are not a political group.
  • We are members of the National Association for Patients Participation group

What the PPG does:

  • We meet regularly with senior partners and practice mangers.
  • Talk to other patients about their experiences at Frome Medical Practice.
  • Help with patient information – e.g., Men Alert – men’s health forum.
  • Raise issues that concern patients’ – e.g., making an appointment to see your doctor.
  • Offer advice about future planning and developments.
  • Represent the practice at other meetings, – e.g., Frome Health Forum, Somerset PPGs Group, Somerset LINK.

For more information and to contact the National Association for Patient Participation visit

Frome Youth PPG

Frome Youth PPG is a Patient Participation Group and health forum, made up of young people from around Frome. The organisation looks at ways to improve wellbeing and health services for young people, such as working with youth clinics, talking to GPs and nurses as well as training to become mental health champions.


The Frome Youth PPG presents a great opportunity for any young person, aged 19 years or under, interested in health, medicine and/or promoting the youth voice. The forum meets every four to six weeks on a weekday afternoon.

One of the organisers of the Frome Youth PPG is Susie Williams. Here, Susie gives some idea what the organisation is about and what it hopes to achieve since its formation at the end of 2016.

“Since setting up the Frome Youth PPG we have really been able to appreciate the incredible child and youth services available in Frome,” says Susie. “We have looked at ways these services can be improved upon, based on the experiences and opinions of those who actually use those services.”

Susie explains that they have helped to re-design posters and fliers for clinics, trained to be mental health champions and investigated the school nurse shortage in Somerset.

“It’s been amazing to meet and work with health professionals from the practice,” adds Susie. “We have had their absolute support and we’ve worked as a team to begin exploring how we can best utilise the diverse and powerful voices of young people in Frome to feed back to the Medical Practice and local youth groups, events, charities and other services about how we can all greater empower our young community when it comes to looking after their health and wellbeing.”

The Frome Youth PPG comes with the full blessing of the Frome Medical Practice. Their senior partner is Dr Helen Kingston.

“Having the Frome Youth PPG at the surgery has helped to highlight the needs of those young people in our practice population and ensure that we are mindful of how they find out about our services so that we can best meet this need,” explains Dr Kingston. “It is so great to see the interest and enthusiasm of the Frome Youth PPG and to have peer advocates to inform us and to help publicise the services at the practice.”

Any young person interested in joining up or just wanting to find out more about Frome Youth PPG should email the group at