Our Suppliers

At Frome Medical Practice we care about how our actions affect society and the environment. We want to work with other businesses that share our values.  We expect our suppliers to provide safe working conditions, treat workers fairly, act ethically, and use environmentally-friendly practices to limit use of natural resources. We believe that the choices we make now will impact our future, so we have policies and controls in place to guide our actions.

Our suppliers should also have effective policies and procedures for managing their employee relations and environmental responsibility throughout their organisation and supply chain. Additionally, suppliers must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, directives, and guidelines. Suppliers are expected to cooperate with any information or audit requests to confirm compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct. Frome Medical Practice may challenge a supplier that does not meet these expectations, and will work with any supplier to develop better working practices.

Supplier Code of Conduct


We are dedicated to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in our organisation and supply chains. We have policies in place to ensure our operations are free from forced labour and exploitation. We expect our suppliers to share this commitment and work towards eliminating these practices with us.

Child labour

No children under 15 years old (or higher age if required by the law) can be recruited or employed, and those under 18 cannot work at night or in hazardous conditions.


Employees should not be disciplined through physical, sexual or verbal abuse, or intimidation.


Discrimination based on factors such as race, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, political affiliation or union membership is unacceptable in all employment aspects.


We aim to reduce our environmental impact and as a minimum expect suppliers to follow environmental legislation. We set targets and track our main environmental impacts and we expect our suppliers to help us meet our commitments to sustainability, by aiming to reduce their own impacts.

Freedom of association

Employees have the right to join an association of their choice, and representatives must have unrestricted access to the workplace without discrimination.

Freedom to choose

Employees should not be forced to work, surrender deposits, or identification documents, and must have the freedom to leave their job after giving reasonable notice.

Health and safety

The workplace must be safe and clean, with measures taken to prevent accidents and promote health. Employees must receive frequent training on health and safety, and have access to clean toilets and drinking water.

Wages and benefits

Employees must be paid fairly, legally and in a timely manner. They should receive written information about their employment terms and salary before starting the job and a wage statement each pay period. Staff cannot have their pay reduced as punishment, and only legally mandated deductions are allowed with the worker's consent.


Suppliers must establish a way for employees to report workplace misconduct without fear of consequences. Whistle-blowers should not face negative repercussions for raising valid concerns.

Working hours

Employers should maintain accurate records of attendance and payroll. Overtime should be optional. Employers must not avoid their obligations to labour or social security laws. Employers must explain the terms of contract termination before the job starts.



Current Suppliers

Main suppliers

The following list are our main suppliers and we are engaging with these organsations on their sustainabilty and ethical practices.

Local suppliers

We are fortunate to have local suppliers who are committed to sustainable and ethical practice.  We aim to use as many local suppliers as possible to help support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint.  These are some of the companies we regularly use.