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The Spring Newsletter Congratulations to Nurse, Kate Wright Hay Fever Age UK Opening Times Blood Pressure Measurements

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The Spring Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter where you can learn more about what is happening at your Health Centre from special awards won to information on our late night opening. Remember, full details can be found at our website at and updates and news picked up on Twitter @FromeMedPractic

Congratulations to Nurse, Kate Wright

As you may well have read in the local press, one of our Practice Nurses, Kate Wright, was one of only 4 winners in this year’s prestigious civic ‘Community Heroes’ awards announced by Frome’s Mayor Peter Macfadyen. The aim of the awards is to recognise those whose input and commitment has ‘gone beyond’.

With the support from Friends of Frome Hospital and others, Kate was instrumental in helping to create the Frome Area Leg Club which opened in November of last year. The Leg Club operates on a non-medical setting, leading to improved healing rates by encouraging members to become more involved in their care.

Venous leg ulceration currently costs the NHS an estimated £400m a year and this innovative approach has been shown to be more cost-effective in terms of nursing resource. Having started with just a few members, the numbers of the Frome Area Leg Club has now reached over 80, with an average of 25 members being treated every Wednesday morning.

‘We are all extremely proud of what Kate has achieved,’ says senior partner Dr Tina Merry.

For more information on the Frome Area Leg Club please contact Kate at

Hay Fever

The full effects may well not yet be here, but many patients are already seeking support to combat the annual hay fever period. If you have previously regularly been receiving medication for hay fever then please contact our Prescriptions Desk by email or by written request.

Don’t forget that all pharmacists provide over the counter medicines to deal with the effects of hay fever.

Age UK

Age UK provides information, advice and support on a wide range of issues affecting older people including welfare benefits, housing rights and health and social care. They help provide you with the facts enabling you to make choices and decisions knowing you have reliable information.

The good news is that Somerset Age UK now provides Drop-In sessions at the Health Centre on the first Wednesday of each month. No appointment necessary-just pop in between 10am and 12 noon. The next visits will take place on 6th May, 3rd June and 1st July.

Opening Times

We aim to make ourselves as available to our patients as we possibly can, at times that are convenient to you. In particular, we are aware that for many working people, it is not always easy to fix an appointment at their local surgery.

The main Health Centre at Enos Way is open as early as 7am on Tuesdays through to Thursdays and on Mondays to Wednesdays the surgery does not close until 8pm. The Locks Hill surgery remains open until 8pm on Thursdays. For full details of our opening hours please visit our website at

Blood Pressure Measurements

If you suffer from high blood pressure/hypertension you will be invited to an annual check (6 monthly if taking tablets). These annual appointments, called ‘one stop’ can be booked online or via telephoning our appointments line on 01373 301301.

We also have automated blood pressure machines at both of our surgeries for you to use at any time to check your own blood pressure. In addition your doctor may ask you to take some readings at home and we will loan you a machine to do this. Please ask at our Information Desk for more details.