Green Connectors

A network of people in Frome, sharing information on ways we can improve health and help the environment.

Interested in the link between our health and our environment? Want to make a difference to your local community? Perhaps you want to improve your health or meet new people.

If so, please join this exciting new project! 

Simply come along to a Green Connector workshop at Frome Medical Practice to find out how you could do your bit – for your own health, for the health of your friends and family, and for the local environment.

Workshops take place in person or online, where you’ll meet other local people and find out more about what is happening locally to support people to improve their health and that of the environment.

Our workshops are free, open to all and only take one hour. You’ll learn all about:

  • The connection between what’s good for our local environment and what’s good for our health
  • The Local Directory, which lists all the events happening in Frome like gardening and walking groups, parkrun and how to hire E-bikes
  • How to pass on to friends and family green and healthy things they might like to do – without them feeling pressured

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be more knowledgeable about what’s happening in Frome – and you’ll find out which green and healthy activities you might like to get involved with yourself. 

The Green Connectors project is part of Green and Healthy Frome, a partnership between Frome Medical Practice, Frome Town Council and Edventure. It’s funded by the National Lottery.  We also work with local organisations who want to expand their environmental efforts.

I'm an individual


In the workshop you’ll learn the link between improving your health and the environment

You’ll learn how you could support friends and family too

You’ll learn simple ways to share this in your community

Find out more about getting involved as an individual

Join a Green Connector workshop

Anyone is welcome - and you don’t have to have done anything like this before. An interest in health and the environment is all you need! Our Green Connectors workshops are one-hour long, free and take place at Frome Medical Practice or online.

What will I be doing as a Green Connector?

It’s as simple as enjoying passing on information to family or friends who are interested in the environment or in living more healthily. You may talk about the link between our health and that of our environment and point them to the Local Directory. This directory lists things like E-bike hire, park runs and gardening groups. There is a lot there that is sociable, healthy, fun and outdoorsy as well as many tips that can save you money.

You’ll learn how to introduce green and healthy local events and initiatives in everyday –  without people feeling pressured. If they’re interested, you’ll have the knowledge to let them know what’s going on in Frome that they might enjoy. 

More than 220 people have done the training so far and we welcome all!

About the workshop

The workshop explores the links between our health and our environment, showing how the things we do to improve our health often improve our environment too - and vice versa. 

It will show you what’s going on in Frome to support friends and family in making healthier and greener choices. What you learn will mean you can help others make more positive choices for their health and the environment, and you’ll be joining a growing community of Green Connectors who are already out there making a difference.

Frequently asked questions

What time are the workshops?

Currently, all upcoming workshops are at 3pm.

Where will the in person training take place?

In a meeting room at Frome Medical Practice.

Can it be done online, e.g. on Zoom?

Online workshop information is on the booking page.

Can I come to the workshop if I have a disability?

Yes, the meeting room is wheelchair accessible. Let us know in advance if you have any other needs when attending the workshop by emailing

What if I don’t want to be a Green Connector after I’ve done the training?

That’s absolutely fine. You can decide whether you want to be involved after the training.

What does the workshop cover?

The workshop covers the following:

  • An introduction to this unique community project
  • Information on the connection between what can benefit our local environment, as well as our own health
  • How Green Connectors can make a difference
  • A group discussion about health and climate – we want your input!
  • Find out more about what a carbon footprint is, including in healthcare
  • A look at what the Green Directory is
  • Find out about all the exciting things happening in Frome and how you can tell others about them – for example gardening and walking groups
  • Information about our Green and Healthy Frome partnership with Frome Town Council and Edventure 
  • Tools for becoming a Green Connector
  • Next steps - what these might be, like a small individual action or things you might do in the community

Book your place on a Green Connector workshop

What if I don’t want to be a Green Connector after I’ve attended a session?

That’s fine. You’ll simply come away knowing a bit more about what’s going on in Frome – and how you can make changes to your own life that benefit your health and the environment. There’s no need to have conversations with people if that doesn’t feel right.

Book your place on a Green Connector workshop

This will take you to our Eventbrite booking system. The whole process takes a couple of minutes.

I work for an organisation

We are keen to forge links and work with local organisations.

We are keen to drive change to sustainability in our organisation.

Find out more about getting involved as an organisation

Want to give something back to your local community?

Our workshops are short, free and informative. Whether you have an Environmental, Social and Governance or Corporate Social Responsibility team - or are just starting to consider sustainability, the workshops can:

  • Help your staff find out more about the link between our health and our environment.
  • Put your staff in touch with what’s happening locally that’s can improve their health and improve the local environment.
  • Help with ideas on how to create a green team or find a green lead in your business
  • Help with ideas for annual volunteer days, or team building exercises, that are a win win for health and the environment.

Find out more

Contact us online to chat through your sustainability goals and find out more about how Green Connectors could help your organisation.

Green Connectors are part of Green & Healthy Frome

Green & Healthy Frome is home to a number of projects that benefit our community, which are listed below. Green Connectors is just one of these. We’ve put together some information packs for those outside Frome who are interested in launching similar projects, called Toolkits.

Future Shed Frome

Offers practical support to get green and healthy initiatives and enterprises off the ground.


Sharing what Green & Healthy Frome has done, the changes we’ve seen and what we’ve learned.

Healthy Homes

Created to help people in Frome save on bills and stay warm in their homes year round.

Cycle Together

For anyone thinking of cycling for fitness, leisure or as a better way to get to work

Choosing wisely

Encouraging healthy lifestyles, because even small changes can have a positive impact on our health.

Green Connectors

Spreading the word about the link between healthy living and a healthy environment.

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