A Green and Healthy Frome

Frome Medical Practice, Edventure Frome CIC and Frome Town Council are working in partnership to explore how we can create a climate and health win-win by working together as a community. This work is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund through their dedicated Climate Action Fund.

Working in Partnership

We are excited to be part of a pioneering partnership between Edventure Frome CICFrome Town Council and ourselves, Frome Medical Practice.  

We believe that healthy people and a healthy planet are interlinked, and that by working together as a community we can create a greener, healthier future for everyone in Frome. 

This far-reaching project was additionally funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and their dedicated Climate Action Fund for two years. In early 2023 we announced a further three years of funding. 

How does the partnership work?

Each of the partners will have a slightly different role and focus in the project.

Frome Medical Practice

We have employed Green Health Connector, who is coordinating a Green Community Connector programme. This will help local people connect to green health opportunities across our town and a 'Choosing Wisely' campaign will help patients to make informed, green choices about prescriptions.


Edventure Frome CIC will focus on coordinating the partnership and organising weekly events across town, including both practical activities, as well as start-up support for residents, groups and organisations to develop climate and health projects.

Frome Town Council

Frome Town Council are leading the Healthy Homes and Cycle Together projects, giving residents the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and the chance to try out an electric bike for a month.

Some of the work we are doing on a greener, healthier future for our town:

Hear more about our Green Community Connectors programme:

We will be developing and supporting community-led, practical initiatives that give people the opportunity to increase their health & wellbeing and reduce their climate impact.

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