Meeting Minutes

PPG Meeting Minutes Wednesday 31st May 2023 18:00pm – 20:00pm

Attendees Present

  • Chris Simpson (Chair)
  • Helen Kingston (FMP)
  • Karen Creffield (FMP)
  • Mick Randall
  • Nicola Cretney
  • Lisa Smart
  • Tonya Sansum (FMP - Minute Taker)
  • Jenny Suckling 
  • Richard Elsden
  • Robert Harris
  • Georgina Jackman


  • Ken Fricker
  • Simon Care-Price
  • Rachel Blacklidge
  • Caroline Toll 


  • Please see above.

Introduction and Welcome

  • Chris welcomed everybody to the meeting.

Minutes of Last Meeting

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and are accurate.

Matters Arising

  • Veteran Friendly Practice applies to all veterans and their families, not MOD personnel.
  • It is not appropriate for Friends of Frome Hospital to help Will Palmer with the IT devices. Will Palmer is now also running the Digital Café in the practice.
  • Youth PPG – it is a difficult time to recruit people due to exams etc. In September FMP will visit the school. More adverts are also going out on social media and during Big Green Week.

Practice News/Update

  • B Corp Assessment has started but will take some time. Karen confirmed that all assessors are neutral.
  • Recruited GP and Nurse Practitioner (for Complex Care). A pharmacist and a further GP will start in October.
  • Recruiting for Nurse Practitioner, a Deputy Lead Practice Nurse and a Practice Nurse.
  • Two GP Partners are on sick leave.
  • Chris asked how this compared with other surgeries but as we are one large practice, not split into several small ones, it is hard to compare.
  • Patient’s health anxieties following Covid and the stresses of increased pressures of daily life are putting an increased demand on the system. Clinicians are also re-evaluating their options following a difficult winter due to Strep A and Covid.
  • Richard asked if anyone pulls out after recruitment – some do due to having lots of choice in available roles and applying for multiple positions.
  • KLINIK will go live in September following a campaign to ensure all patients are fully informed, supported by the PPG. The PPG will also be welcomed to support the launch of this helping patients to access KLINIK themselves, Georgina J and Chris S said they are happy to help where they can. Several members of the practice have visited another practice using KLINIK and all feedback was positive. A full demonstration will be given at the next meeting.
  • The Facilities Manager has resigned and also given notice on the cleaning contract. A new Caretaker has been employed and a new cleaning contract with Green Machine is being discussed.
  • Lisa asked about the amount of support provided by Children’s Social Care and Dr Kingston explained this is quite sparce due to lack of Health Visitors and School Nurses.
  • Chris explained he had attended the 75 years of NHS practice photo. He also attended the opening of the new café, also attended by the mayor. Assura, the landlords, are allowing the café rent free and Karen Nolan attended to represent them.


  • Tonya to organise FMP Digital & Data team to give a presentation to the PPG.

Green Impact

  • Rach, Digital, Data & Technology Lead attended the Brighton conference to give a Diabetes presentation.

Concerns about FMP Website

  • Chris said he thought it important to address the issues raised in the recent letter to Frome Times newspaper. However he also expressed his disappointment that letters were written to newspapers without properly raising issues with FMP in the first instance. Following a letter in the Frome Times Chris has clarified the following:
    • All appointments are only available via NHS App – this is not true, appointments are still available over the phone or in person at the practice.
    • Which appointments can be booked online – routine appointments like blood tests, Cervical Smears, NHS Health checks
    • Timings of ordering prescriptions – no change to this, 3 working days. However ‘variable prescriptions’, ie those that are not routine repeat prescriptions, but are ad hoc and issued at the patients request, may take a little longer. Patients should remember that it can take longer for the pharmacist to receive the script and it may be necessary for pharmacists to order in some medications.
    • Ability to see clinicians are to help continuity of care – Currently our Care Navigators triage and book with a continuity GP. KLINIK will also help with this.
    • Can patients email FMP – patients are not enabled to email FMP, there are however, online forms on the website that direct the query to the appropriate department. Chris said he had used this system effectively.
    • Is there a need to recall date when last seen – this information is required for security reasons to ensure it is the patient making the enquiry.
  • PPG to feedback on current FAQs on the website.


  • PPG members can email Tonya who will forward to Nic C any changes/updates.

Somerset Liver Improvement Project

  • Chris recently attended a PPG Lead meeting where they were approached by Predictive Health Intelligence to ask if their GP practices might be interested in taking part in the project. Helen Kingston will investigate further but explained that this will result in more pressure on an already stretched service at the RUH, resulting in longer waiting times for those that may need to be seen more.


  • Helen Kingston to investigate further


  • Jenny asked why patients have not been allocated a usual GP after their GP has retired. Karen explained that new GPs are given time to settle in before being given a patient list. She will ensure that all over 75’s are allocated a GP.
  • Lisa asked to pass on her positive feedback to CN Rob for the very professional and helpful service he gave.
  • Nic told the group about the Carers week next week and to encourage all unpaid carers to register with the practice. Lisa raised that this also applies to young carers and Helen Kingston raised this can be encouraged at YPC.
  • Bath University Psychologist are keen to speak to people with more than one long-term condition and experiencing low mood or distress. Two sessions will be held at Frome Medical Practice and £50 will be paid for their time. Full information on FMP FB and website.


  • Karen to check over 75’s GP

Next meeting: Wednesday 26th July 6pm – 8pm