World Kindness Day Marked By Frome Medical Practice

Staff at Frome Medical Practice will be marking World Kindness Day today, Friday 12th November. World Kindness Day is a global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world, and usually takes place on 13th November.

It’s an important date on the calendar for us at the practice, as kindness has been shown to improve resilience, something that the whole team draw on day to day, but particularly since the COVID pandemic started.

Practice Manager Karen Creffield said, “One of our core values is ‘responsibility’ and World Kindness Day is an opportunity to remind us all to put this into action. We are lucky to have a team that practice responsibility and kindness daily, but this is an opportunity to remind ourselves to support each other, to say thank you, to make time to debrief with each other after difficult times at work. We’ll be marking the day by gifting the team with packets of seeds, in the hope that people will be able to sow them and be reminded of how grateful we are for all they do, as their seeds grow.”

“We’ll also be gifting packets of seeds to patients during Friday. We have been blessed with so many kind gifts over the last few months and this is one way of demonstrating our thanks to the community we are lucky to be a part of.”

“We hope that by talking about what we are doing we can encourage others to be kind too. There’s increasing evidence that both giving and receiving kindness can make an important contribution to our physical and mental health - and anything we can do to help improve patient health is really important to us.”

Published: Nov 12, 2021