Composting capacity increased at Frome Medical Centre


Local organisation Loop:Frome have recently gifted a composter to the Frome Medical Centre compost creation station. This brings the total number of composters now being used at the building to three and provides further opportunity for  the organisations working at the site to further reduce food waste and put the compost to good use instead. 

Ben Still is the Co-Founder and Director at Loop and said, “We’re thrilled to be able to gift Frome Medical Centre a third composter, adding to the brilliant work they’re already doing. These guys have been trailblazers in managing food waste on site, creating gorgeous compost and nutrient rich vegetables for their staff!”

Charlotte Carson is the Community Sustainability Lead at Frome Medical Practice and said, “We already had two composters at the Medical Centre, but between the team at the practice, the cafe and the other organisations working in the building, they were pretty much full to capacity. We calculated the benefits of composting our food waste from the two existing composters and found we saved over 1600kg of food waste going to general waste, which is a cost saving of at least £895 and emission savings of up to 13,000kg per year. So we are really grateful for the third composter, which will significantly increase our composting potential, whilst reducing our impact on landfill. We’ve also had our compost tested and it’s been found to be full of beneficial microbes so our staff wellbeing garden is benefitting from our home made compost too!” 


Loop:Frome is working to build a regeneration network within Frome, uniting with others to repurpose, reuse and reprocess what many would consider waste in order to provide useful new raw materials and reduce impact on the planet. Part of that work involves the development of new compost creation stations across Frome, the most recent of which has been installed at the Broadway Community Gardens. Loop:Frome also collects food waste from businesses in Frome and creates nutrient rich compost from this, which is then sold locally. The next Community Compost Sale takes place at Victoria Park, Frome on Sunday 14th April at midday. 

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Published: Mar 21, 2024