Frome Medical Practice focuses on Staff Wellbeing


Frome Medical Practice recently held a Health And Wellbeing Week for its staff.

FMP June 2023 Staff Wellbeing image

The practice, which employs over 120 staff, focuses on staff wellbeing all year round, but during the Health and Wellbeing Week a number of new initiatives were launched or made available for the team to try.

Karen Creffield, Practice Manager, said,

“In order for our team to provide the very best care to our patients, it’s really important that we do what we can to support their wellbeing throughout the year. Our Health and Wellbeing Week is an opportunity to remind ourselves that our health and well-being is vitally important. We work in a very stressful environment and taking some time to focus on ourselves can make all the difference in our ability to do our day to day jobs.” 


The practice launched a dedicated Wellbeing Room for staff during the week. This space was developed following feedback from staff about needing a quiet space in the building to go to relax. The space is free for all staff to use and is furnished with a sofa, mediation cushions, yoga mats, bolsters and blankets, making it the ideal space to read, relax, stretch or meditate. 

Other initiatives that staff could take part in during the week including a visit from the Dogs For Health team, relaxation sessions, morning mediation, massage, introduction to the use of Anxiety Freedom cards and team walks. The practice also launched a six-week healthy lifestyle course for staff during the week and held a team celebration lunch, to mark the success of the Green and Healthy Frome project, which was recently awarded further funding to help Frome meet net carbon zero over the next three years. 

Karen said,

“The week was a huge success. Partners see it as an important opportunity to thank the team for their hard work and commitment throughout the year, as well as a chance to try new methods of focusing on our own health and wellbeing. We remain committed to listening to the team and making sure this is a priority throughout the year.” 

Published: Jun 26, 2023