Smokers encouraged to get help to smoking during Stoptober

October sees the return of the ‘Better Health’ campaign known as Stoptober. Now in it’s ninth year this annual campaign encourages smokers to quit smoking for 28 days from 1st October.  The Stoptober campaign focuses on the first 28 days of a quit attempt, as it’s well known that if you can make it for 28 days smokefree then you’re five times more likely to quit for good.

With concerns about coronavirus and the forthcoming flu season, now is the ideal time to stop smoking. It’s estimated that over a million people stopped smoking during the coronavirus lockdown, due in part to concerns about the impact smoking has on the lungs. Interestingly, the proportion of smokers quitting successfully has also increased this year by two thirds. This means that smoking prevalence amongst adults is now at a record low of 13.9%.

If you’re a smoker, quitting is the best thing you can do for your health and the health of those around you. Click here to find a range of free support to help you quit, including the Stoptober App, daily emails, online communities and expert support from local Stop Smoking Services.

Dr Andy Miller said, “We know that the number of people smoking is at its lowest rate ever, but we are also aware that there are still people smoking who would like to quit. We’d really encourage any of our patients thinking about stopping to use Stoptober as the opportunity to give it a go, as there is a lot of extra support available to help you succeed.”

The Smokefreelife Somerset service has continued to support smokers to stop smoking throughout the coronavirus pandemic, via telephone support. You can find out about this and other support available via the Practice website.


Published: Sep 30, 2020