Sign up for the NHS App

We recently appointed Rachel Haupt as the surgery’s first  Digital Health Connector, with the specific task of encouraging the practice’s nearly 30,000 patients to sign up to the NHS App, an App that provides patients with a simple and secure way of accessing a wide range of NHS services via their smartphone or tablet.

‘With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the role that Rachel will play within the practice is now even more important and urgent,’ explains practice manager Karen Creffield. ‘With more patients using the NHS App, there will then be far less reason for patients to physically come inside our surgery building at Enos Way.’

‘I am very excited to have been appointed to this new role,’ says Rachel. ‘Given the current situation that we are all going through, I am obviously keen to get started straight away.’

Digital access has always had a strong presence at the practice, with more than 18,000 patients already successfully signed up to the surgery’s online booking service. Whilst this has been temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 outbreak (with the exception of access to the repeat prescription service) the practice will of course be keen for patients to return to its online booking service as soon as things return to normal.

‘The NHS App is an additional service we are encouraging everyone to sign up for and will be the way we encourage people to order repeat prescriptions going forward,’ adds Rachel. ‘The NHS App is a real game-changer. It is also the mechanism through which patients will be able to access their patient records.  If you aren’t already signed up for online access we have clear instructions on our website for how to sign up to both. Just click on this link to find out how to do so.'

‘I am of course aware that there are some patients who are apprehensive or perhaps do not know how to download an app onto their smartphone or tablet,’ adds Rachel. ‘In these circumstances I would of course be delighted to help - patients can contact me here. Additionally, just click on this page and view the excellent video that helps explain how the NHS App works.' 

The practice has also recently set up a Facebook page to help support patients at this time. This new Facebook page and the practice’s Twitter feed will both be helping to promote the NHS App.

Published: Apr 27, 2020