Practice Coronavirus Update - 1st June 2020

Thank you to everyone in our community for working together and protecting each other through maintaining physical distancing, good hand hygiene and staying at home as much as possible.  It has been hard but your commitment to this is appreciated.  Through our collective efforts we have reduced but not eliminated the coronavirus. We need to continue to  work together to stay safe in Frome as the lockdown is eased.

‘Over the last few days the government has indicated some relaxation of the lockdown rules and guidelines,’ says Dr Helen Kingston, our Senior Partner. ‘However welcome this news may be to many families, it remains even more important that we all remain vigilant.'

What should not be forgotten is that there are still cases of infection in Frome and its surrounding villages. Whilst we may now be permitted to meet in small numbers in the garden, for example, what this does not mean is that COVID-19 has gone away. It most definitely has not.’ 

‘It is therefore even more important that we now continue with our careful precautions such as hand washing and social distancing,’ adds Dr Kingston. ‘We must also continue to observe self-isolation if we or a household member have symptoms of a new cough, a fever or a loss of taste or smell.’ 

‘I would like to take this opportunity of thanking our patients for their incredible support,’ concludes Dr Kingston. ‘From the direct feedback that we receive from our own patients, I know that many remain worried and concerned. I fully understand this, which is why it is so important that we must continue to be so vigilant and cautious. 

As a community we can protect each other if we maintain our guard. These last few weeks have been long and hard for many of us but we need to maintain our efforts to prevent any COVID-19 resurgence as it is still present in our community. Thank you to everyone for helping to keep us all safe.’

You can see the latest data (which can be viewed at Mendip level) from the COVID-19 Symptom Study here. 

Use of Face Coverings

For the last two weeks any patient being asked to make a personal visit to the practice has been asked to wear a face covering, whether this be a scarf, homemade mask or even a bandana. You can read more about how to wear a face covering properly here. 

‘The reason why we introduced this condition (which has received almost 100% support from our own patients) is that by wearing a facial covering, you then help to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection,’ says Dr Kingston. ‘My colleagues and I would go even further in this regard. Our advice to patients now is to also wear a face covering when they are out and about generally. Anything that reduces infection has to be worth the effort.’ 

Guidance for patients who are shielding

The government have updated their guidance for patients who are shielding. You can read more about the changes here. 

Guidance on staying alert and social distancing 

You can read more about how important it is to stay alert and what we can do to achieve this by clicking here. 

What can we do now (and what can't we do)

The government have written some helpful Frequently Asked Questions about what we can and can't do as the lockdown rules start to ease. Find out more here. 

Repeat prescriptions

We are encouraging patients to order repeat prescriptions by downloading the NHS App, where possible. 

The NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet, including ordering repeat prescriptions.

Sign up for the NHS App by downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet. 


For more information about repeat prescriptions, including information on other ways to order them if you haven't yet downloaded the App, please click here. 

Hearing aids - useful information for patients

If you have a hearing aid via the Audiology Team at the RUH then you might want to know how you can access batteries, as well as things like retubing. Find out more on our audiology page here. 

Published: Jun 1, 2020