In-House Pharmacy Team at Frome Medical Practice

For several years pharmacist Naomi Bates was a familiar sight behind the counter for patients collecting their medicines from the St Aldhelm’s Pharmacy in the Frome Medical Centre building. Now, Naomi has moved a few yards down the corridor and has taken up a new post as Clinical Pharmacist at the Frome Medical Practice.

‘Pharmacists and GPs have always been different health care professionals, bringing their own unique set of skills,’ explains Naomi. ‘However, there has also always been significant areas of mutual expertise which brings with it enormous opportunities all to the benefit of the patient.’

Joining Naomi as part of the new in-house pharmacy team at the Frome Medical Practice is Sophie Bartlett, Lead Medicines Management Technician.

‘Sophie and myself will be working very closely with our GP colleagues, creating a multidisciplinary practice team,’ adds Naomi. ‘We firmly believe that this will quickly have a positive impact. Patients with high-risk medicines will be reviewed by a specialist team. We shall also be there to encourage and support people with long term conditions and in particular how they can better manage their medicines. We shall also be dealing with patient concerns regarding any adverse reactions or intolerances. Within the practice itself, our team will serve as a point of contact for medicines for all the other health professionals.’

Dr Verena Oruz is a partner and Medicines Management Lead GP at the Frome Medical Practice.  She views the appointment of Naomi and her team as an important development in the quality of patient care within the practice.

‘All of our patients now have access to a wider healthcare team,’ says Dr Oruz. ‘As a modern-thinking practice we have always been keen to promote collaboration between GPs and pharmacists, particularly when it comes to the clinical management of patients with long-term conditions. Having Naomi and Sophie here as part of our practice team means that we can now help patients make the very most of their medicines, through helping us ensure safe prescribing and supporting patients to be cared for at home.’

Published: Nov 18, 2019