Frome Tops Somerset For NHS App Sign Ups

With a campaign that only started a few months ago, we are delighted that more than 900 patients have already signed up to the NHS App, making us the GP practice in Somerset with the highest number of patients now committed to the new service.

With the NHS App, patients can order repeat prescriptions, book clinical appointments online (once the coronavirus is behind us) as well as view their own medical records. Additionally, amongst other uses, the app enables patients to check out their own symptoms.

Supported by colleagues at the practice, leading the campaign is Rachel Haupt, appointed as our first ever Digital Health Connector.

‘The App is a real game changer,’ says Rachel. ‘Basically, it makes things quicker and easier for the patient. In many cases, it will not even be necessary for the patient to contact the practice direct, thus freeing up vital time and resources within the NHS.’

The success of the project was achieved initially by patients being invited to sign up to the app by text message. The app was also promoted through the practice’s new Facebook page as well as the re-launched patient newsletter, both designed to keep patients fully up to date with all the latest news and developments. 

‘The population of Frome seems fairly switched on to new technology, with over 19,000 patients already signed up to being able to make appointments online,’ adds Rachel. ‘There is however a rigorous security procedure that I need to go through with every patient before the app goes ‘live’. But part of my role is to advise patients who need support so that they then have the confidence to use the app. It's extremely rewarding, helping patients to achieve this on a one to one basis.’

Patients might not need Rachel's help however, and can sign up for the NHS app via Google play or the App store. 

The reaction of the patients has also been positive. One Frome patient, Mark Grist, described the process as follows:

‘Rachel was very patient with both me and my partner, both at different technical abilities, she was able to get us both setup with the app at the same time on the phone! In a nutshell, Rachel was patient and supportive. Thank you Rachel for making the app accessible to all.’

Another patient of the practice, Alex Jeffries, commented as follows:

‘I found being able to view my full medical record extremely useful. Once installed I was able to check that I was up to date with my immunisations. The app installation itself was very easy and quick.’

Patients wanting to find out more and sign up to the NHS App can do so here. 

Published: Jun 22, 2020