Frome Medical Practice Half Day Closure

Frome Medical Practice will be closed for a half day on Tuesday 14th June in order for staff training to take place. The practice will close at 1.30pm, after which time it will operate an urgent call service only. The practice reopens at 5.30pm for pre-booked GP and Nurse appointments and will be open as usual from 8am on Wednesday 15th June.

Dr Helen Kingston, Senior Partner at the practice said, “It’s rare that we close like this but on this occasion it’s important that as many of the team as possible take part in the afternoon of training we have planned. Providing staff with time to take part in their development is important, both in terms of continued professional service delivery but it’s also a way of us supporting staff wellbeing.”

Karen Creffield, Practice Manager, said, “We hope patients will recognise the importance of us having this time together as a team for training. Please avoid calling us that afternoon for routine appointments such as blood tests or screening, but we will have a small number of staff operating a service for urgent calls only, where a patient might need to speak to or see a health care professional that day.”

We have a number of helpful resources available on the website, including information on common illnesses and self care, as well as advice on what to do when the practice is closed

Published: Jun 7, 2022