GP Commits to Frome Practice

Dr Alex Clark, already a familiar face to many of our patients, has now started working at Frome Medical Practice as a salaried GP. Senior partner Helen Kingston is pleased to officially welcome him to the team. 

‘At this really challenging time for both the NHS and indeed the whole nation, it is great news for both our patients and everyone working here that Dr Clark has chosen to join us as a salaried GP,’ says Dr Kingston. ‘Everyone working here at the practice has been absolutely fantastic since the coronavirus started to impact. However, to now know that we have Dr Clark here as part of our GP team as well is a great boost to us all.’

Dr Clark completed his training in Frome. He also works some days at the RUH in Bath at their dermatology department. Dr Clark also co-ordinates the educational programme for local primary care practitioners.

‘It is great to be able to commit to working in Frome as a GP,’ says Dr Clark. ‘I did of course work here as a Registrar as part of my training, so I already know many of my patients. Like everyone else here, we are all doing our very best in trying circumstances.’

‘It is heartening that Frome already has such a great community ethos,’ adds Dr Clark. ‘It is even more essential that at this time we all look after each other and that we are supportive of everyone, particularly the more vulnerable.’

Dr Clark recently provided patients at the practice with advice about looking after your hands during this time of extensive handwashing. You can read his advice here. 


Published: Mar 31, 2020