The Frome Model of Enhanced Primary Care

The Frome Model of Enhanced Primary Care has attracted international attention and interest. Below are some of the news reports on the scheme. 

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The Town Trying to Cure Loneliness (BBC World Hacks, BBC World Service)

Loneliness and isolation can trigger a host of other problems, particularly for our health. But a town in Somerset, in the United Kingdom, appears to have taken a big step towards alleviating the problem. A team in Frome has implemented a handful of simple ideas – getting people to talk about the problems they face and finding ways for them to re-engage with family, friends or social clubs – and they believe it is having a dramatic effect. The cost of emergency admissions in Frome has fallen steeply, while it rises across most of the UK. We visit the town to meet the ‘connectors’ driving the project, and the people they have helped.

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The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – Community (The Guardian, February 21st 2018)

Frome in Somerset has seen a dramatic fall in emergency hospital admissions since it began a collective project to combat isolation. 
There are lessons for the rest of the country

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Frome leads the way in easing the NHS crisis (Frome Times, February 27th 2018)

A PROJECT at Frome Medical Practice has been hailed in the national press as a blueprint for helping the NHS crisis, after figures revealed 
that it has reduced the number of emergency hospital admissions in the area.

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Somerset town could hold the key to reducing demand on hospital (ITV News, February 26th 2018)

A pioneering project in Frome, Somerset is using community groups and volunteers to break the debilitating 
cycle of loneliness and isolation. They found as people became more socially connected, emergency
admissions to hospital also fell … dramatically.

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Somerset town could hold the key to reducing demand on hospital (ITV News Westcountry, February 26 2018)

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Somerset GPs show how new model of community support could reduce demand on hospital A&E (BBC Radio Somerset, February 26 2018)

A project run by a GP Practice in Frome says it is helping to ease the pressure on A&E Departments.
Frome Medical Practice co-ordinates everything a patient might need to get better, like delivering medicine to someone’s home
or setting up a new group to get people active.

Listen to patients at a Frome Foot Clinic: BBC Radio Somerset

Charities risk becoming irrelevant, warns new report (The Guardian, November 22 2018)

Voluntary sector must stop chasing government contracts and go back to fighting for communities in need

Health Connections Mendip (HCM) never set out to be a model for anything. However, this deceptively simple project in the small Somerset town of Frome is being talked about, not just as a blueprint for community revitalisation, but as a road to renewal for a UK charity sector struggling to maintain its relevance and public confidence in an age of great social upheaval and public distrust.

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Published: Jan 7, 2019