We wanted to take a moment to thank the local community for all their support over the last few weeks, as we’ve continued to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine programme to our patients.

Dr Helen Kingston, our Senior Partner, said, “We’ve seen a huge community effort and overwhelming support over the last few weeks to ensure many of our most vulnerable patients have received the vaccine. Patients themselves have helped ensure our vaccine clinics have run smoothly. Volunteers, such as those from Frome Community Drivers, have helped to get patients to the practice when needed. Patients who received their vaccines recently had a pleasant surprise when former GP partner at the practice, Mark Vose, came out of retirement for a stint helping out with the vaccine programme. And our staff have worked tirelessly, booking appointments and running the clinics, all whilst maintaining our usual day to day services.”

Staff have continued to work hard, both during the week and at the weekend, to book as many patient appointments as possible with the vaccine allocated to the practice.

One of the key messages the practice is now sharing is for any patients over 70 or those who are clinically extremely vulnerable who have not yet had the vaccine to contact them to make their appointment as soon as possible.

The Practice is also asking any patients in the 65-69 year age group who have not yet been booked in to receive a vaccine, either at the practice or at a Vaccination Centre, to call the practice to book. Patients may have received a letter from the NHS centrally inviting them to book at one of the Vaccination Centres and if these appointments have already been made patients are asked to attend these, rather than cancel and rebook at the practice.

We continue to receive a high volume of phone calls at the current time and suggest that calling after 2pm may mean lines are less busy. 

Karen Creffield, Practice Manager, said, “We are very happy to report that we have offered the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination to our patients in the first four cohorts. There are a few people that we’ve not been able to contact and we have now written to them all, asking them to get in touch to make an appointment with us.”

“The message to anyone under 65 remains please don’t contact us about your vaccination at this stage. We are working our way through the cohort groups quickly and will be in touch as soon as we can. In the meantime, you might receive an invitation from the NHS to book an appointment at a large Vaccination Centre, or pharmacy-led site, which is another option to ensure you get your vaccination as soon as possible, through the National Booking Service.”The practice held a ‘thank you Friday’ last week, to mark the tremendous amount of work undertaken by the team in recent weeks. Karen added, “The opportunity to thank the team has been made possible by donations of pizza from Corsley House and raffle prizes from artist David Walsham, The George Hotel and from members of the public. We’ve been really touched by all the support from our local community. We are very proud to be part of the national effort to roll out the delivery of vaccines as quickly as possible and extremely proud of our team for pulling together at this critical time.”

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Published: Feb 15, 2021