Doc Miller’s Medical Hour Returns to the Airwaves!

After a gap of several months away from the airwaves, the popular Doc Miller’s Medical Hour has returned to local community radio station Frome FM. The monthly magazine programme is hosted by GP and partner at Frome Medical Practice, Dr Andy Miller.

‘It is great to once again be in front of the microphone,’ says Andy. ‘Particularly at this time of social distancing and all the other difficulties brought about by COVID-19, a huge ‘thank you’ must go to Rupert Kirkham and his team at Frome FM. I have also been very fortunate to have had the fantastic help and support from Kate Ruberry-Shoemack who has been responsible in helping put together much of the production. Doing so whilst working remotely has not always been easy.’

The Doc Miller Medical Hour has earned a local reputation for providing an informal and relaxed environment where serious medical issues can be aired and discussed. It was also a programme where the nearly 30,000 patients at the Frome Medical Practice could learn about all the news and developments that were happening at the practice.

‘The basic format of the programme has not changed,’ adds Andy. ‘It is all about well-being and staying healthy, whilst obviously giving updates on what is happening with the coronavirus and how we can best protect ourselves. Like any good magazine programme, it is not all talk. There is some great music played as well!’

The Doc Miller Medical Hour next airs on Thursday 9th July at 12 noon and at 6pm. It is also repeated two days later on Frome FM at 2pm in the afternoon. The show takes place every 4 weeks. As well as being available online, Frome FM is also available loud and clear on 96.6 FM.

The June broadcast included talks on self-care, the importance of vaccinations, managing mental health and coping with the restrictions imposed because of COVID-19. A taste of what is on offer in future broadcasts can be obtained by listening to the June production, just by clicking on to either the Doc Miller Medical Hour at or alternatively on the practice website here

Published: Jul 2, 2020