Latest COVID-19 vaccination programme update

In the last few days, we reached another milestone in the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine to patients. We have now delivered over 20,000 doses since the programme started in December, on top of our normal day-to-day workload. 

Work to deliver second doses to patients over 50 is continuing as a priority. We are doing our utmost to try and ensure that vaccine clinics don’t impact on normal appointment activity, meaning staff are continuing to work weekends to deliver second doses. 

The update for patients waiting for a second dose appointment is as follows. 

If you received the Pfizer vaccine: 

The practice has nearly completed all second doses of the Pfizer vaccine, with one last large clinic taking place earlier this week on Tuesday 11th May. There will be a smaller clinic during the week commencing 7th June for patients who are due then. If you miss or missed your appointment for your second dose for any reason and will be overdue after the final clinic patients will need to travel to another Somerset venue for their second dose, subject to availability. 

If you received the AstraZeneca vaccine: 

The practice is currently calling patients in for second AstraZeneca doses. The next large clinics for this take place on Saturdays 15th and 22nd May. Patients will be called regarding this. However, if you had your vaccine more than 10 weeks ago and we’ve not yet been able to contact you please call the practice after 2pm to arrange your appointment. 

Patients under 50

The practice isn’t able to offer appointments to patients under 49.  The government announcement that the 38-49 age group, known as Cohort 10, was eligible for the vaccine has led to a spike in calls to the practice. 

Karen Creffield, Practice Manager, said, “Patients who are under 50 (currently 38 - 49 year old age group) with no underlying health conditions are being invited to book their vaccine appointments by the central NHS, either via text or letter, and are asked not to call the Practice about this, as the Practice is not in a position to offer vaccines to this cohort of patients. Patients in this age group can also visit to make a vaccination appointment.” 

“We know that this isn’t as convenient for patients as coming to the practice and we are also hearing anecdotally about appointments being offered via the national system that are quite a distance from Frome. Our advice to patients is to keep checking appointment availability. We know people are managing to get appointments in Westbury and Shepton Mallet, for example.” 


We will continue to update information about vaccine delivery on our website and social media. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with this and all our other news. 


Published: May 13, 2021