Frome Medical Practice begins delivery of flu vaccinations to patients over 65

We have  started our annual flu vaccination campaign, with the first clinic for patients aged over 65 taking place last weekend.

There are some key messages regarding the flu vaccination campaign, which we are sharing with patients:

  • Most clinics will take place on Saturdays, so as not to disrupt delivery of normal clinics during the week
  • Flu vaccines are currently being offered to patients aged 65 and over and patients under 65 who are clinically vulnerable
  • If you are 65 and over and are registered for online booking you can book your appointment using this system
  • If you are 65 and over and are not registered to use the online appointment service please do not contact the practice to make an appointment until you have received a text message or phone call inviting you for a flu vaccine
  • If you are under 65 and clinically vulnerable the practice will contact you to arrange your appointment
  • The childhood flu vaccine programme is anticipated to start in October
  • All other patients eligible for flu vaccination are asked to remain patient and the practice will update their website and social media when the roll out of the vaccine starts for these groups

Karen Creffield, Practice Manager said, “We know many patients are really keen to get their flu vaccine this year and so it’s fantastic we’ve been able to start our flu vaccination clinics already. We are asking patients to remain patient however. Please don’t call us about making an appointment, unless you’ve received a text or phone call inviting you for a vaccine. We are gradually working through contacting all our patients aged over 65 and it’s important people wait for us to be in touch or our phone lines will be overwhelmed.”

“We anticipate running our Saturday flu vaccination clinics through October and November and we are really grateful for the support of staff in helping to ensure this happens.”

The practice will also be supporting the delivery of COVID booster vaccines to some of the more vulnerable members of our community, including those in care homes and those who are housebound. Other patients are asked to again remain patient and to wait for messages via national media, as well as the practice website and social media, about COVID boosters and book appointments accordingly. Again, please don’t call the practice regarding this.

To find out more about winter vaccinations, including whether you are eligible for a vaccine please click here. 

Published: Sep 22, 2021