Lower Back Pain 

What does Frome Medical Practice offer? 

We are launching a new lower back pain virtual group consultation for our patients. This is something we are very excited about as it offers a fresh approach that’s completely different to anything we’ve done in the past!


What is a Virtual Group Consultation?

Virtual Group Consultations (VGCs) are online group consultation sessions providing you with healthcare services from a clinician, in your own home.

These sessions are easily accessible to everyone. All participants share a common problem (for example, lower back pain).

The consultations offer a safe space in which you can share your experiences and coping strategies with one another, as well as giving you dedicated time with the clinician.


How does the new Lower Back Pain Virtual Group Consultation run?

Our experienced Physiotherapist Natali will take you on a journey to help you understand how to manage your lower back pain in new ways. She will show you gentle exercises to do at home, and tools to ease pain. Each session focuses on a new theme to help build your knowledge for self- care.

After the sessions, we will send you a resource pack, which includes videos of the simple exercises that were demonstrated, coupled with themed reading materials.


 How many sessions are there?

There are three sessions in total, which make up our Lower Back Pain Course. However, each session ‘stands alone’, meaning each is unique with new exercises and content.

We anticipate the sessions will broadly cover the following, but we want these sessions to be interactive and dynamic and guided by our patients participating in them:

  • Movement and activity
  • Sleep
  • Posture and core strength

Read what our patients say about Virtual Group Consultations

Here's what patients have said about our virtual group consultations that we've run on other health issues in the past:


"Having a test call meant I was able to practice logging in. Rachel went through with me step-by-step, I was so pleased I was able to join, and have joined more sessions since. I was surprised at just how easy it was!"

"Wonderful and informative"


When and where do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place online as follows:

  • Thursday 25th March 2021, from 4pm to 5.15pm
  • Thursday 6th May 2021, from 4pm to 5:15pm
  • Thursday 10th June, from 4pm to 5:15pm

 How can I join the sessions?

If you think you would benefit from joining these sessions or would like to find out more then please click the link below and complete the self referral form.

Once we receive your form, we will be in touch with you to chat through enrolling on the sessions