Local Community Pharmacy

How your local community pharmacist can help with your minor illness or condition 

Before using our online appointment request form please read this information about how a local community pharmacy can help you with certain health conditions and illnesses. You might sometimes hear this service referred to as ‘pharmacy first’. 

If you are feeling unwell, there are several minor illnesses and conditions (listed below) that a local community pharmacy can help you with. 

If you are experiencing any of these illnesses or conditions a pharmacist should be the first health professional you approach for advice, rather than Frome Medical Practice. The local community pharmacy can treat and prescribe medication if necessary. 

If your condition is more serious the pharmacist will refer you to ourselves or a hospital. 

These are the conditions a pharmacist can help you with: 

If you have a concern that isn’t listed above or you are experiencing any of the above and are outside the age ranges listed please proceed to our online appointment request form. 



Local community pharmacies in Frome 

We are fortunate in Frome to have a number of local community pharmacies. To check for more details about the pharmacies, including opening times, visit the NHS pharmacy finder. 

  • Acorn Pharmacy, 95 Locks Holl, Frome BA11 1NG 01373 473693
  • Allied Pharmacy, 96 Forest Road, Frome BA11 2TU 01373 451346
  • Asda Pharmacy, Warminster Road, Frome BA11 5LA 01373 475210
  • Boots, 11 Market Place, Frome BA11 1AB 01373 462402
  • St Aldhelm’s Pharmacy, Frome Medical Centre, Enos Way, Frome BA11 2FH 01373 455436

How to see a local community pharmacist

To check which local community pharmacy you can go to for help please visit NHS pharmacy finder. Or go along to your nearest pharmacy and check. You may need to ask for an appointment or you might be seen straight away if there’s availability. If you’d prefer you can call and ask for a video consultation. 

You could also be referred to a pharmacy appointment by other services, including: 

  • Ourselves, if you request an appointment with us that a community pharmacy can assist with
  • NHS 111 
  • Integrated urgent care clinical assessment services
  • Urgent treatment centres
  • A&E
  • 999