Operating Theatre


One of the key facilities forming part of the Horizon Suite is the new modern Operating Theatre. The Theatre is now able to carry out a whole range of procedures requiring local anaesthetics, including plastic surgery, vasectomies, removal of skin lesions, hysteroscopy and many ear and nose operations.
The Operating Theatre comes complete with a reception, booking systems and management of supply ordering. In addition we can provide HCA, nursing and theatre support.


The Theatre is equipped with an air management system providing 25 exchanges an hour allowing multiple procedures to take place under local anaesthetic. Additionally, the Operating Theatre is supported by its own dedicated changing and recovery area.
Full IT facilities are of course available as well as clean and dirty utility areas. The Theatre also has facilities for supplies with regular deliveries from CSSD.


The Theatre is available on a case per case basis, for complete lists, sessions or a day.
You and your own staff will of course have full access to the Cafe, our rest rooms and changing rooms as well as our own gym.
As with all of our facilities, you are always more than welcome to come and inspect the Operating Theatre for yourself.

Contact: Amanda Jarvis on 01373 301329 and somccg.frome.health.solutions@nhs.net