Contraception and Family Planning Advice

It’s important to ensure everyone who needs it continues to have access to contraception during the coronavirus pandemic.
The Faculty of Sexual Health and Reproductive Healthcare have written a useful factsheet (click here), which highlights information on a range of issues including:
  • Emergency contraception
  • New requests for contraception
  • Repeat prescriptions for progestogen only pill
  • Repeat prescriptons of combined pill, patch and ring
  • What happens if your injections is due
  • Advice on long acting reversible contraception
  • Abortion care
  • If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault
If you need a contraceptive pill repeat you can use our online form (note this form is only for patients who are already using the contraceptive pill) - click here. 
If you are experiencing problems with your current method of contraception, are considering a new request for contraception or have any other queries regarding contraception please contact us on 01373 301301.

What does Frome Medical Practice offer? 

The Practice Nurse team at Frome Medical Practice are trained on all areas of contraception and can provide advice and support on all the various methods available.

To make an appointment for contraception advice please contact us on 01373 301301

If you are using the contraceptive pill then we recommend that you have an annual pill check. These appointments can be booked online or by telephoning 01373 301301

If you are due for a contraceptive pill repeat we now offer a service that will allow us to issue a prescription without having to book an appointment. We will need to collect some up to date information to do this via a short series of questions. You will need to know your height, weight and recent blood pressure reading in order to answer these questions. We have blood pressure machines available for public use at the Practice. These are located throughtout the building. Please ask at the Information Desk if you need further information about these. 

If you prefer then you can send us the information we need for a contraceptive pill repeat via our online form (note this form is only for patients who are already using the contraceptive pill): 


Once you’ve completed updating your information we aim to issue your prescription for the contraceptive pill within 7 days.

If there are any issues that need further discussion we will contact you or ask that you attend the Practice for a face to face appointment.

Information on our Vasectomy service is available here.


Other support available

You can read the NHS Contraception Guide here. Further information is also available here