Child Health

Childhood Immunisations

What does Frome Medical Practice offer?

Frome Medical Practice delivers the immunisation programme for children under school age.

You will receive invitations for these appointments via the Child Health Department. Appointments take place at Frome Medical Practice and are carried out by one of our Practice Nurses.

Any concerns about your appointment – please contact Child Health on 01278 589225.

If your child missed their immunisation in school, is home educated, needs to catch up with their immunisations for any reason or you need to are unsure which immunisations they have already have please contact the Practice on 01373 301301, preferably after 2pm when our phone lines are less busy.

Other support available

Parents can often feel nervous about taking their baby for immunisations, especially as there have been scare stories in the press in recent years. But immunising children is one of the safest ways of protecting them from threats to their life or long term health from preventable diseases.

Your health visitor can give you information to make informed decisions about your child’s immunisations.

See information on why vaccinations are safe and important.

The Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust delivers the routine national immunisation programme to school aged children in Frome. This includes the following vaccinations; flu, HPV, meningococcal disease and Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio.

View the NHS vaccination schedule for babies under 1 year old, children aged 1 to 15, adults and pregnant women.

Coping With Infant Crying

Babies cry because it is the only way they can let a parent know that they need help. Crying is meant to be upsetting for a parent, it is nature's way of making sure they pay attention promptly. A baby's cry might signal many things that discomfort it. Sometimes, however, babies cry for no reason at all and just cannot be settled. Crying can be upsetting for you and your baby, but it causes no harm and will eventually cease.

If this is something you are experiencing it can be hard to cope. But there are things you can do to try and help. We use the phrase ICON to help us remember how to cope with a crying baby.

Remember the ICON message: 

  • Infant crying is normal and it will stop.
  • Comfort methods will sometimes help and the crying will stop.
  • OK to walk away for a few minutes to calm down if the baby is safe and the crying is getting to you.
  • Never ever shake or hurt a baby.

Visit the ICON website

Healthy Child Programme

What does Frome Medical Practice offer?

Health and development reviews are offered for your baby until they are 2 years old. These are to support you and your baby and to make sure their development is on track.

Shortly before or after your baby is  born you will be given a personal child health record – often called ‘the red book’. This is used to record important information about your child, including height and weight and vaccination records.

At 6-8 weeks your baby will be invited for a thorough physical examination. This is carried out by your GP and is often done at the same time as your post-natal check.

After this, routine development checks will be carried out by your Health Visitor.

Other support available

Visit the NHS website for more information on the various reviews your baby will undergo.

Find more information about the health visiting team, including their contact details on the Somerset County Council website.

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