What does Frome Medical Practice offer?

Frome Medical Practice offers support for unpaid carers. We have a designated carers champion, Claire Rogers, who works within the Complex Care Team at the Practice.

Meet the Carers Champion

It is sometimes difficult to recognise that you are a carer and that you are taking on another role; a carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who, due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, cannot cope without their support.

It is simple to register as a carer; new patients can do this when registering as a patient via the registration pack, you can register online via the link below or if you speak to a member of staff here they can inform Claire and she can send you the relevant paperwork.

Register as a carer

Those who are on our list of registered carers have access to care plans, free NHS flu vaccinations, free NHS health checks and priority appointments when they are available.

If consent is given by the person they care for, carers are also able to discuss the patients medical records so can be more involved with their health and care needs on their behalf.

Our carers register is not solely for Frome Medical practice patients; we can add carers who are registered at different practices if they care for a Frome Medical Practice patient, as well as adding those who are registered here but care for a non-Frome Medical Practice patient.

When you become registered as a carer Claire will send you leaflets for support groups and services available for carers.

Other support available

The Health Connections Mendip Directory provides information on a range of issues that might be helpful or of interest to carers.

Visit the carers section of their website

Young carers

If you are a young carer then there are a number of organisations locally that offer support.