The Brave AI Risk Assessment Tool

Frome Medical Practice is using Brave AI, a risk assessment tool, which helps us identify patients who are more at risk of ending up in hospital in the next 12 months, but may otherwise go under our radar.  

The Brave AI tool works by using clever computer algorithms to look for patterns in patient records, which are then assessed for an individual’s risk of an unplanned hospital admission over the next year. 

Patients who are identified as being at risk are invited to take part in a holistic assessment so that integrated neighbourhood teams of nurses, pharmacists, therapists, health connectors (social prescribers) and doctors can work together with the patient to develop personalised care and support plans, based on what matters to the patient. 

The Brave AI tool analyses routinely collected data from GP practices, which we already have on file. It does not require any additional information or tests from patients. Patients agree to their treatment and care, but do not need to be asked for consent for their data to be used specifically for their direct care or treatment. Patient data reviewed by the Brave AI tool is completely confidential.

Only registered and approved healthcare professionals licensed to use the device have access to individual patient data. This allows them to contact patients identified as at risk and invite them to take part in an assessment so we can support them to avoid hospital admissions. Patients contacted after being identified by the tool will have the choice about whether they would like to take part in an assessment.

Patients can let us know if they wish to be removed from the Brave AI review. 

To find out more about how the tool works and what this means for you please visit the NHS Somerset website , where you can also find a series of frequently asked questions, which provides patients with more information about how the Brave AI tool works.