As a result of the coronavirus pandemic we have temporarily suspended some of our services, including drop in clinics and some online appointment bookings. This is so we can speak to patients before certain appointments are made. We apologise for the inconvenience but this is a necessary measure at the current time.
It is now possible to once again make some of your appointments online, including GP triage calls, cervical smear tests, flu vaccinations and warfarin blood tests (INR). Please note that the GP triage calls that are available to book online will generally need to be booked before 8am on the morning of the appointment. 
Alternatively, to speak to a member of our team please call us on 01373 301301. Our care navigators will ask you a series of questions  in order to be able to assess your need. We recognise that our telephone lines are extremely busy at the current time and ask for your patience and understanding whilst we work to speak with you as soon as we can. 

What does Frome Medical Practice offer? 

Types of Test

Blood Tests

We offer both fasting and non fasting blood tests every day, from Monday to Friday. Blood tests take about 6 minutes to complete. 

Your blood test can be booked online (if you are registered to use our online service) or by calling us on 01373 301301.

Please note, we have temporarily suspended our drop in blood test clinic. For more details click here. 

Most blood tests are requested by a health care professional electronically, but if you are given a form regarding your blood test please make sure you bring it with you to your appointment.



Frome Medical Practice offers ECG tests, when a healthcare professional has decided one is needed. 

ECGs, which take about 15 minutes, are available on a daily basis and can be booked by telephoning 01373 301301


Blood pressure checks 

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak and where possible, we are encouraging patients to take their blood pressure at home. Patients can then send in their results via our online blood pressure results form. You can read our blood pressure monitoring at home guidance here. 



Patients may wish to invest in their own blood pressure monitor, such as an Omron M2 machine. These are available in supermarkets, chemists or online for £20-25. If you are purchasing a monitor it is important it is an arm cuff monitor and NOT a wrist monitor. Alternatively you might be able to borrow a machine from family or friends. Here is a list of validated blood pressure monitoring machines. 

For regular monitoring the practice has a number of machines that can be loaned. 

You can read more about blood pressure, what it is, what blood pressure readings mean and how to calculate your average blood pressure here. 


Urine tests

We do not test urine unless this has been requested by a health professional. If you have been requested to provide a urine sample, bottles are available for patients to collect at the Information Desk.

Please note that the laboratory do not do routine pregnancy testing. Fast, reliable pregnancy tests can be purchased at a pharmacy.


Test results

Test results are usually available 5 working days after the test.  We will contact you if these are abnormal to arrange any follow-up or treatment required.

You can request your results by completing the following form:



Other support available

More information on blood tests is available here:


More information on ECGs is available here: 


More information on blood pressure tests is available here: 


More information on urine tests is available here: