What does Frome Medical Practice offer? 

Types of Test

Blood Tests

We offer both fasting and non fasting blood tests every day, from Monday to Friday. Blood tests take about 6 minutes to complete. 

Your blood test can be booked online (if you are registered to use our online service) or by calling us on 01373 301301.

Blood tests are also available at our drop in clinic - see below for details. 

Most blood tests are requested by a health care professional electronically, but if you are given a form regarding your blood test please make sure you bring it with you to your appointment / drop in clinic.


Frome Medical Practice offers ECG tests, when a healthcare professional has decided one is needed. 

ECGs, which take about 15 minutes, are available on a daily basis and can be booked online or by telephoning 01373 301301

Blood tests are also available at our drop in clinic - see below for details. 

Blood pressure checks 

We have blood pressure machines available for public use. These are located throughtout the building. Please ask at the Information Desk if you need further information about these. 

Blood pressure checks are also available at our drop in clinic - see below for details.

A blood pressure check takes us about 10 minutes to complete.

Urine tests

We do not test urine unless this has been requested by a health professional. If you have been requested to provide a urine sample, bottles are available for patients to collect at the Information Desk.

Please note that the laboratory do not do routine pregnancy testing. Fast, reliable pregnancy tests can be purchased at a pharmacy.


Drop In Clinic 

Blood tests and ECGs can be booked online. They can also be booked by calling 01373 301301, as can blood pressure checks. Blood tests, ECGs and blood pressure checks are also available through the drop in clinic, which takes place at the following times: 

Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm*
Friday 8.30am - 1.00pm*

Please book in for the drop in clinic at the Information Desk when you arrive at the Practice. You will then be directed to Area 3 where the drop in clinic takes place. 

The first hour of the drop in clinic is often very busy, so if it all possible we suggest coming along to the drop in clinic slightly later in the day. 

*Please be aware that this is a drop in service and finish times may vary depending on demand.


Test results

Test results are usually available 5 working days after the test.  We will contact you if these are abnormal to arrange any follow-up or treatment required.

You can request your results by completing the following form:



Other support available

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