General Practitioners (GPs)

Welcome to our team of General Practitioners at Frome Medical Practice. We usually shorten their job title to GP and some people will know our GPs as Doctors. 

Our GP team are here to look after complex care needs of patients.   They are supported by a highly skilled and trained team of other health care professionals.   Our Care Navigators or our GPs may direct you to see one of our Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health Professionals, our Physiotherapist, a Health Connector or one of our Care Coordination Hub team, where appropriate.  

We are really keen to help support you as patients with continuity of care, so do please look to see when your preferred GP is working so you can get the best support for an episode of care.

You will see that within our GP team we have a Senior GP Partner and several GP Partners. These are the people responsible for running the Practice. 

#hellomynameis is a campaign to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions in healthcare, helping us to provide truly person-centred, compassionate care. As well as implementing #hellomynameis in the Practice, we are using it on our website too. Click on a member of staffs image to find out more about them.