Veronique Segura

Veronique Segura

What do you enjoy about working at Frome Medical Practice?​

I enjoy working at Frome Medical Practice due to the remarkable diversity of work that it offers. Being a part of this organisation means being a member of a great team, all of whom are dedicated to making a difference and helping others. One of the aspects that I particularly appreciate about working here is the practice's involvement in tackling serious issues such as the climate. It is inspiring to be a part of an organisation that is so environmentally conscious. 

Another crucial issue that the practice takes seriously is digital exclusion. In a rapidly evolving digital world this practice understands the importance of bridging this digital divide and works to provide support and resources to community.

This commitment to inclusivity motivates me as it aligns with my personal values of equality.

What do you love doing when you are not at work?

When I'm not at work I spend a lot of time with my son who's growing too fast!

I also enjoy bargain hunting for antique treasures, especially rugs and love everything food related. Whether it's growing vegetables, sourcing food or cooking. 

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