Contraceptive/Family Planning Advice

The nursing team at the Practice have training on all areas of contraception and can provide advice on all methods available. We recommend that you have an annual pill check, these 10 minute appointments can be booked online or via telephoning appointments on 01373 301 301.

For a full list of the various contraceptive methods available please go to:

Are you due for a contraceptive pill repeat?

We are offering a service that will allow us to issue you a prescription without having to book an appointment to see a doctor or a nurse. We will need to collect some up to date information via a short series of questions and we will require you to know your height, weight and a recent blood pressure reading.

Please click here.

We will aim to issue your prescription within 7 days. If there are any issues that need further discussion we will contact you or ask that you attend for a face to face appointment.