Self Care Using Health Apps

Use of Health Apps

People are increasingly turning to technology, and in particular health apps, to help support them with their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Apps are a great way for us all to find out more about improving our health, and living healthier lives. But, there are so many apps available to us, both free and paid for, that it makes finding apps we can trust a challenge. 

As a practice we are now using accessing a library of health apps, which have been checked to be trustworthy. This library of apps is known as the ‘ORCHA’ AppFinder. ORCHA has been developed by clinicians to give access to apps which have been assessed against key criteria as being suitable for use by patients. 

Patients can access the library themselves, choosing health apps that they would like to use to assist them in managing a condition or illness they are experiencing. It also means our team can ‘prescribe’ apps to patients for different conditions.


See how health apps can work

This short video explains the benefit of using a health app and how ORCHA work:


Choosing the right health app for you

When you use the ORCHA AppFInder you can choose apps safe in the knowledge that they have been reviewed by health care professionals and assessed as safe and suitable for use. You can search for an app by a medical condition or by using keywords.

Examples of apps that you can find in the library include:

  • Preventative support - for example, advice on good inhaler technique or fitness and diet apps
  • Information that helps you to manage your condition at home - including apps on diabetes, the HANDi App (child health care) symptom checkers, condition monitoring apps and even mood diaries
  • Administrative support - the best example of this is the NHS App.

How to access the library of health apps

Click the link below to access the library:



Further help with using ORCHA and health apps

We have a digital access team at the practice, and digital champions in the local community, who are able to help and support patients with different technology needs, including: 

  • help getting online
  • help with using health apps 
  • loan of technology, such as tablets 

To find out more about the team click here or to request support from the team call them on 01373 468368 or use the form below to get in touch: