Our Values - Learning

Learning is embedded in our culture at Frome Medical Practice in an open and interactive way. There are always between three and five trainees here at any one time, and so we are all used to learning from each other regardless of whether you are a trainer or not. Trainers really enjoy the interaction with new GPs in training, as well as learning huge amounts themselves along the way.

Alex Clark is one of our GP Registrars. Alex completed the final stages of his GP training at Frome Medical Practice and has stayed on now as an Associate GP. Here are his thoughts on the learning opportunities we provide: 

"I was pleased to have the opportunity to stay on as an Associate GP. The Practice has a strong training and education ethos, with regular clinical education sessions, experienced trainers and a variety of opportunities available to develop specific interests and skills. Having a number of trainers and trainees in the Practice also helps to create a supportive culture that encourages learning from each other, which was a definite contributory factor when deciding to stay on at Frome."

Other work we undertake that relates to our 'learning' value includes: