Online Consultations - What Are They?

The practice is starting to use online consultations. This is a way for patients to contact the practice using an online questionnaire, which is completed and submitted to the practice and then reviewed by a clinician who will decide on the best course of action for the patient.

Online consultations do not replace our existing system of being able to call the practice on 01373 301301 to discuss your concerns with a Care Navigator who is then able to assess your need and help you proceed with the best course of action for your medical problem.

In the initial phases we will be limiting the number of patients able to submit the online questionnaire each day, as we learn the best way to use the new system for the practice and our patients.


What are online consultations?

An online consultation allows patients to communicate securely and safely online with the practice about non-emergency medical conditions.

Using online consultations is easy, safe and secure and is accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer, providing you have an internet connection.

Online consultations should only be used to send queries regarding routine medical problems. 


How do online consultations work?

You will need to register to use online consultations here.

Once registered, you are able to sign in and complete an online questionnaire.

It is helpful to provide as much information as possible when doing this, which normally takes 5-10 minutes but could take longer, depending on the complexity of the problem you wish to discuss.

Once you have completed the questionnaire it gets sent to the practice and a clinician can then use that information to make decisions about your care, in the same way as they would when you see them.

Online consultations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year but consultations are only reviewed during normal working hours.