First patients in Frome receive COVID-19 vaccine

Frome Medical Practice has been selected to take part in the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme and the first patients from Frome received their vaccines at the practice today.

GP practices across the country have been asked to prioritise vaccinating patients who are over 80 years old. An initial group of patients have been invited to attend the practice over the next two days for their first of two appointments to receive the vaccine. Patients are reassured that the practice will be in touch with all eligible patients as soon as vaccines are available for them to receive.

Dr Helen Kingston is the Senior Partner at the practice.

“We are delighted and relieved to be starting our COVID-19 vaccination program here at Frome Medical Practice.  It has been a long and hard year for so many and we are really grateful for the support and co-operation of everyone in our community in Frome.”

“This start to the vaccination program offers us a ray of hope as this year closes. We need to keep up our efforts to stay safe whilst the vaccination program rolls out and continue to look out for our families, neighbours and friends throughout the remaining winter months but I am really hopeful that the advent of this vaccination will enable us to begin to look forward to better times in 2021. “

Eva Humphries was the first to receive the vaccine from Dr Kingston today. “I was really keen to get the vaccination and so was very happy and relieved when the invite came through. Coronavirus has been hanging over us as a family, like everyone, since March now. I’ve been so worried about going out and about meeting people, but hopefully this means getting back to some kind of normality in 2021.”

Frome Medical Practice is asking that patients do not call regarding the vaccine, as staff will continue to contact those patients in eligible groups to make appointments for them.

It is important that patients receiving their first dose of the vaccine this week attend their appointments for a second dose in 21 days time. The practice also asks that anyone with symptoms of coronavirus does not attend the practice at this time and calls 01373 301301 to cancel / rearrange appointments where possible in order to prevent vaccine wastage.

For more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine please click here.

Published: Dec 18, 2020