Diabetes - MYWAY Diabetes 

What is MYWAY Diabetes? 

MYWAY is a free online platform that helps patients to manage their diabetes. It can be used by people with Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. 

We highly recommend and encourage patients with a diagnosis of diabetes to use MYWAY. 


How will MYWAY help me manage diabetes? 

Once you've registered with MYWAY (see below) you will have access to a patient dashboard, as illustrated below. 

Illustration of the MYWAY Diabetes dashboard

The dashboard shows you: 

  • Your lifestyle and screening results
  • Your diabetic test results, for example your HbA1C, blood pressure etc.
  • Your goals and your progress towards achieving them 

The MYWAY Diabetes platform also gives you access to:

  • Educational resources personalised for you
  • Videos   
  • Structured education courses   
  • NHS services   
  • Community support groups

How do I sign up to MYWAY Diabetes? 

MYWAY Diabetes is free to our patients. 

You can register to use the MYWAY Diabetes service via the link below: 



Further information

This short video also explains what MYWAY Diabetes is and how it works: 

If you' d like more information about MYWAY Diabetes please email us at somccg.frome.vgc@nhs.net - you can do this by clicking here - and we will be happy to help.