Making or cancelling an appointment 

How to make an appointment

You can make an appointment to see a health care professional at Frome Medical Practice online or by telephone.

If your situation is life threatening please call 999.

See below information on the different ways to make an appointment.


Help with common illnesses 

Common illnesses can usually be managed at home and will get better on their own.

For more information on common illnesses, what you can do at home to help yourself and when it may be necessary to seek medical help please click the link below: 



Booking an appointment online

Online bookings are available to everyone, once registered to use this service. Online bookings are helpful if you struggle to call the Practice to arrange your telephone consultation appointment.

You can book a telephone consultation on the day online, choosing a call back at a time to suit you. 

You can also book some routine appointments, such as a NHS health check, blood test or cervical screen, online. See below for more information. 

To make an appointment online you need to be registered to use this service. You can find out more on how to register here.

If you are already registered to use this service:


Making an appointment by telephone

Most of our appointments are booked using our telephone triage system. This means that when you call we will book a telephone call back to you from a health care professional or advise you of other health and support available. 

Our phone lines open at 8.00am in the morning. Our busiest times are between 8.00am and 9.00am, when you may experience a longer waiting time for your call to be answered. If you can wait then you may find it better to call later in the day when the lines may be less busy. 

Please call 01373 301301 to speak to one of our Care Navigators. They will ask you for a brief reason for your call and will then book a telephone call back, if appropriate, with one of our health care professionals, at an agreed time on the same day. The health care professional will then call you as agreed. 

If you need a follow up face-to-face consultation, this will usually be booked for you later that day by the health care professional. You will always be seen if needed. 

We are very fortunate at Frome Medical Practice to have Nurse Practitioners as part of the team. Nurse Practitioners are highly skilled in helping patinets with many conditions. You may be booked in to see one of our Nurse Practitioner team if they are the best person to help you. 

We are also lucky to have St Aldhelm’s Pharmacy in the Frome Medical Centre building. Our Pharmacist and St Aldhelm’s Pharmacy are able to prescribe treatment for conditions such as impetigo, conjunctivitis (Age 1 and above) and urinary tract infections in women.  On some occasions it will be possible for you to see the pharmacist rather then receiving a telephone call back from our Health Care Professionals. 

We call our telephone triage system (our appointment booking system ‘Patient Connect’. For more information on Patient Connect, including tips on how to use this system, please click below: 


Please note that some routine face-to-face appointments can be pre-booked and we recommend that you call after 2.00pm to book these. These include Nurse and Health Care Assistant appointments (such as for blood tests, leg ulcers, dressings and packing, suture removal, diabetic reviews, asthma and COPD reviews, blood pressure reviews, vaccinations, pill checks, family planning, mental health, NHS travel vaccinations, childhood immunisations, cervical screening tests, etc.), evening and weekend appointments, some special GP appointments (such as HGC, DVLA and adoption medicals, minor surgery, post-natal and six week baby checks, vasectomy etc.) 


Making an appointment in person

You can book an appointment for a call back in person, for example if you have specific needs that make booking or a receiving a call over the phone difficult.

To make an appointment in person please visit the Information Desk in the Atrium at the Practice and speak to a Care Navigator who will be able to help you.


Evening Appointments

We have a limited number of pre-bookable evening appointments for people who find they are unable to see a GP during the day. Evening appointments are available between 6.30pm and 8.00pm and are bookable two weeks in advance. Please call 01373 301301 to book an evening appointment. It is not currently possible to book evening appointments online. 


Seeing a Preferred Doctor 

You can see which Doctor is working up to 3 weeks in advance on our website, here.  

Checking when your preferred GP is working really helps with continuity of care. 

By looking at our GP schedule you can telephone 01373 301301 or book a call back online on a day when you know your preferred GP is working.We suggest checking our website on the evening or morning before your call to check for any amendments to the GP schedule, for example due to sickness.

We will always offer you a consultation with your preferred GP if available. 


Routine Appointments

Routine appointments include things as blood tests, diabetic reviews, vaccinations, family planning advice and suture removal, many of which are provided by our Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants. 

All our appointments with Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants and some evening clinic appointments with a Doctor can be booked in advance by calling 01373 301301 or by using our online booking service.

If you are calling to book one of these appointments we recommend calling after 2pm when the phone lines are less busy. 


Drop In Clinic for Blood Tests, ECGs and Blood Pressure Checks

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have temporarily suspended drop in clinics. These tests must now be booked as appointments. We are also encouraging patients to take blood pressure checks at home where possible. For more information, please see our update here. 


Making the Most of Your Appointment

The information in the leaflet linked below can help you get the most out of your appointment at Frome Medical Practice. 

Making the Most of Your Appointment