Practice Information Leaflet

To download a copy of the Practice Information Leaflet click here

Frome Medical Practice is a partnership and has a contract with NHS Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to provide primary care services to people who live in Frome and the surrounding villages.

Where are we and when are we open?

Frome Medical Centre
Enos Way
BA11 2FH

Our core business hours are 08.00 – 18.30. Please see details of our opening hours below:

Monday 08.00 – 20.00
Tuesday 08.00 – 20.00
Wednesday 08.00 – 20.00
Thursday 08.00 – 20.00
Friday 08.00 – 20.00

Main Contacts

Telephone: 01373 301301

For Home Visits or Cancellations 01373 301310


Patient Connect is our telephone consultation system

There are 3 easy steps:

1. Telephone us on 01373 301301 to speak to a care navigator who will ask you for a brief reason for your call.

2. Our care navigator will book you a telephone consultation with one of our GP’s or Health Professionals. Please make sure we have the correct telephone number, landline or mobile so we can call you back.

3. One of our GP’s or Health Professionals will telephone you and talk to you. If you need a follow up face-to-face appointment then this will be booked for you at the end of the call for later that day.

Evening Appointments can be booked in advance when available but are only bookable with a care navigator.

Cancelling Appointments

Many patients do not cancel an appointment if they cannot attend. These appointments could have been used by other patients if they had been cancelled.

If you cannot keep an appointment please cancel it as soon as you can. Another patient can then book it.

Online Service

You can sign up to our online service here

You will then need to come in to the practice with your ID to collect your login details, or you can bring your ID to the Information Desk and complete a consent form.

This lets you book and cancel appointments, view and order your repeat prescriptions and view a summary of your medical record.

Home Visits

If you are house bound and cannot come in to the practice, please call 01373 301301 to speak to a care navigator to discuss your needs for the visit.

One of our GPs or Health Professionals will telephone you back and make an assessment. If you need a Home Visit this will be arranged by the GP or Health Professional.

There are Community Cars for those with transport needs. Please ask a care navigator for information.

999 Emergency

Telephone 999 if you are or someone else is seriously ill. For example if someone:

• has had a major accident
• has problems with breathing
• has severe chest pains
• is unconscious
• has lost a lot of blood

Out of Hours Service

If you need health advice when the practice is closed and it is not an emergency please use the NHS 111 service.

NHS 111 Service
Telephone: 111

There is an out of hours walk in centre in Bath at:
The Royal United Hospital
Combe Park
Telephone: 01225 428331

If you require non-urgent medical health information you can visit the NHS UK website:

You can get details of all primary medical services from:
NHS Somerset CCG
Wynford House
Lufton Way
BA22 8HR
Telephone: 01935 384000

Minor Injury Units

If you need treatment for a burn, cut or fracture you should go to:

• Minor Injury Unit (MIU) at Frome Community Hospital, open 08.00 – 20.30, 7 days a week OR
• Minor Injury Unit (MIU) at Trowbridge Community Hospital, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Minor Injury unit staff can:

• Stitch cuts
• Remove splinters
• Apply plaster casts
• Sprains and strains
• Insect and animal bites
• Remove foreign bodies from ears, noses etc
• Dress minor wounds, cuts and grazes
• Provide screening and treatment for chlamydia and treat
• Minor broken bones
• Minor burns and scalds
• Minor head injuries
• Minor eye injuries
• Other minor injuries

Your Local Pharmacy

Your local pharmacy can give you advice on minor ailments, such as hayfever, allergies, coughs & colds.

Current Medications and Treatment Plans

When you join the practice, if you are taking regular medication please book an appointment with a GP to discuss your medication and bring list of your medications with you. Please book your appointment before your medication runs out.

Your Contact Details

You are responsible for letting us know if any of your contact details change.
You can do this when you visit the surgery or click here

Repeat Prescriptions

If you take medication on a long-term basis you can ask for a repeat prescription.

Ordering repeat prescriptions
You should order your repeat prescription before your medication runs out. This can be done by:
• Using our online service by clicking here
• Use the prescriptions button on the Home Page and use the link to order repeat prescriptions.
• Email to:
• Post to Prescriptions Department, Frome Medical Practice, Enos Way, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2FH
• Using the post box at the prescriptions desk.
• You can hand in your repeat prescription order at some pharmacies. The pharmacy will then send your order to our prescription team to process.

If you want to reorder your repeat medication by post or in person you will need to tear off and keep the right hand section of your prescription. To re-order, tick the items you want and post it or hand it in to us. If the medicine you are taking does not show in the list please ask at the prescriptions desk.

Collecting your prescription
After you have ordered your repeat prescription:
• You can collect your prescription when the practice is open; please allow two working days for processing. You can then take this to a pharmacy to get your medication.
• Your prescription will be returned by post if you enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your order – you cannot do this for email orders. You can then take this to a pharmacy to get your medication.

Collecting directly from a pharmacy
• Your prescription will be delivered to a local pharmacy if you have marked this on your re-order list; please allow three working days for processing. You can then collect your medication from the pharmacy.
• You can set up a “repeat order service” at any Frome pharmacy. The pharmacy will then order your medications for you each month and let you know when to collect. Ask for more details at your pharmacy.

Medication Delivery by a Pharmacy
Some pharmacies will deliver your medication to you. Please ask the pharmacy for more details.

How can we support you?

Language Translation Services
Telephone or face-to-face language translation is available. Please ask for details.

Disabled Access
Our practices are suitable for disabled access and there is disabled parking. Ramps and toilets are clearly marked.

Hearing Impaired
You can use a text phone or minicom service. You set this up from your own home. The practice can then receive calls from the service and they will send you a text with the appointment details.
You can sign up to use our online service to book your appointments online.
If you use British Sign Language (BSL) an interpreter can be booked for your appointment. Please ask when you book your appointment.
The practice has a hearing loop that you can use.

Visually Impaired
You can ask for the hand-held magnifier at the Information Desk to help to read text.
The Receptionists can help you to check-in and show you to the waiting area.
You can ask for large print appointment cards
You can ask for Information leaflets to be ordered for you in Braille format.

Learning Difficulties
You can ask for a longer appointment.

You can ask at the Information Desk if you want a trained chaperone to be present at your appointment.


If you are cared for by someone or you are a Carer please tell us so that we can add it to your record. We have a ‘Carers Champion’ who will try and help you get the information and advice that you need.

Health Checks

If you are between 16 and 74 years old and have not consulted with a health professional for three years, or you are aged 75 or over and have not consulted with a health professional in the last 12 months you can book a medical check with a Practice Nurse.

Access to medical records

If you are over 18 you can write to the secretaries to ask to see your medical record. If you are under 18 your parent or guardian can do this for you. You can view your medical record at the practice. A paper copy can be printed for you but there will be a charge for this.

GP Training

The Practice is an approved General Practitioner Training Practice and teaches undergraduate medical students. Our trainees help in the work of the Practice, including consultations with patients, appropriate to their qualification and are supported by their qualified Trainer.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

We respect your rights to:
• privacy and we keep all your health information confidential and secure.
• not be discriminated against because of gender, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, disability or age.
• be treated with dignity and respect.

You have a responsibility to:
• help to look after your own health and wellbeing
• treat our staff and other patients with respect
• keep appointments or cancel in time for other patients to use them
• Follow the course of treatment you agreed with your doctor and to let the doctor know if this is difficult.

Zero Tolerance

The practice will not tolerate rudeness, abusive or violent behaviour towards staff in the Practice. Any patient that behaves in this way may be removed from the Practice list.

Safeguarding Patients

All members of staff are trained in how to safeguard patients, particularly those who are vulnerable and to treat patients with dignity and respect.

Sharing Patient Information

Information about you may be shared between other healthcare organisations. You have the right to refuse to share such information. For more details please see our Privacy Notices.

Comments Complaints and Suggestions

We like to know what you think about the services we offer. If you have any comments or suggestions, please tell a member of staff.

We always try to provide the best service possible. However occasionally you may feel this has not happened.

More details about how to make a complaint can be found in the complaints leaflet in this pack or on our website


We provide a number of core services like GP consultations, long term conditions management for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), diabetes and coronary heart disease.

We also offer other services like those listed below. For more information about these services, please ask our Reception Team or visit our website.

Services include:

• Cervical Smears
• Child Health and Development
• Contraceptive/Family Planning Advice
• Dressing Clinics
• Ear wax and syringing
• ECGs
• Learning Disability Checks
• Minor Surgery
NHS Health Checks
• Vaccination and Immunisation Clinics
• Vasectomy Clinic
• Young Persons Clinic

We also offer other non-NHS services which you will be asked to pay for like insurance claim forms and private sick notes.


Dr Helen Kingston (Senior Partner)
Dr Alex Blackham
Dr Andy Miller
Dr Robert Taylor
Dr Tom Cahill
Dr Verena Oruz

Registered Address
Frome Medical Centre
Enos Way
BA11 2FH
Telephone: 01373 301301

Doctors (GPs)
Doctors diagnose, treat and manage illness and they are split into two teams.
For the list of Doctor’s names, qualifications and gender please see the Doctor’s List.

Preferred Doctor
When you register with us you are given a named GP. If you do not know who your named (registered) GP is please contact us.
If there is a doctor you would prefer to see you can request this in writing when you hand in your completed registration form. If we cannot add you to their list you will be offered a doctor in the same team.
If you are already a patient and wish to change doctor please ask for our Change of doctor request form.

Nurse Practitioners and Nurses
Nurses are qualified and registered. They can help with heath issues like family planning, healthy living advice, blood pressure checks, cervical smear screening, injections, contraception and dressings. They also run clinics for long-term health conditions like asthma and diabetes. Some nurses can do minor surgery.

Nurse Practitioners have extra skills and training and can prescribe medication.

Healthcare Assistants
Healthcare assistants help the practice nurses and do tasks like taking blood, new patient checks, blood pressure, ear syringing, dressings and ECGs.

Secretaries support the doctors. If you have a query you can speak to a secretary.

The Operations Team
The Operations Team look after the day to day running of the practice.

Care Navigators and Administration Staff
Care Navigators and other administration staff support the Operations Team.
Care Navigators are your main contact if you want to know information about the practice .They also book appointments, home visits and process new registrations with the practice.

The Prescriptions Team
The Prescriptions Team can deal with your prescriptions queries.

Other Health Care Staff
There are other health care staff based at the practice but they are employed by Somerset Community Health
• Community Nurses – nursing care for housebound patients
• Health visitors – they give help, advice and counselling including child development and infant feeding

Details from the Patient Participation Group (PPG)

• We, the Patient Participation Group, meet at the invitation of Frome Medical Practice
• We offer the practice advice and support from the patients’ perspective
• We are all patients at Frome Medical Practice
• We are not medical professionals
• We do not formally represent any group, but we do try to represent the views of patients generally
• We are not a forum for complaints
• We are members of the National Association for Patients Participation Group

Examples of things we do:

• We meet regularly with senior partners and management
• We talk to other patients about their experiences at Frome Medical Practice
• We help with patient information – e.g. Men Alert (men’s health forum)
• We raise issues that concern patients – e.g. making an appointment to see your doctor
• We offer advice about future planning – e.g. new medical facilities
• We support Frome Medical Practice with issues of public concern e.g. improving bus service to the Health Centre
• We represent patients at other meetings – e.g. Frome Health Forum, Somerset PPGs Chairs Group , Somerset (Clinical Commissioning Group – CCG) Public Engagement Advisory Group, and our chair is a lay representative on the Clinical Operations Group of the CCG
• We listen to patients’ experiences of Frome Medical Practice and offer advice to patients where appropriate.
• The minutes of our meetings are available to the public – ask at Frome Medical Practice

If you have any thoughts about how the services offered to patients could be further improved and would like to discuss your ideas with us, please contact us via Tracey O’Grady at Frome Medical Practice on 01373 468365 or email t.o’ and leave your contact details. A patient who is a member of the group will contact you.