How Can We Help You? 

There are number of ways we support and help patients in order to make it easier for them to access services at Frome Medical Practice. If you need help with any of this, please ask at the Information Desk in the Atrium. 

You can find out about the wide range of clinics and services we provide at the Practice here


Access to Medical Records 

If you are over 18 you can write to your GPs Secretary and ask to see your medical records. If you are under 18 your parent or guardian can do this for you. 

You can view your medical records at the Practice. A paper copy can also be printed for you. 



If you are cared for by someone or you are a carer please tell us so we can it it to your record. We have a Carer's Champion in the Practice who will try to help you get more information and advice that might be helpful to you. You can find out more about how we support carers here



You can ask at the Information Desk if you would like a trained chaperone to be present during your appointment. You can read our Chaperone Policy here


Disabled Access

There is clearly marked disabled parking to the front of the Frome Medical Practice building. The building itself is accesible - with level access, disabled toilets and a lift to the first floor of the building. 


Families, Children and Young People

Find out what we are doing as a practice to support families, children and young people here



We want to ensure our patients get the best care possible and therefore it's important to us to receive feedback about people's experiences at the Practice. You can find out more about feedback - both reading other patient's comments and giving feedback yourself - here


Health Checks

If you are between 16 and 74 years old and have not consulted with a health care professional for three years, or you are aged 75 or over and you have not consulted with a health care professional in the last 12 months, you can book a health check with a Practice Nurse. 

These health checks are different to the NHS Health Checks offered to everyone aged 40-74. 


Health Connections Mendip 

Health Connections Mendip offers support to patients at Frome Medical Practice in a number of different ways, including through 1-1 support, group support and through it's comprehensive online directory of services. You can find out more here


Hearing Impaired

There are a number of ways we try to support people with a hearing impairment. 

Booking an appointment

You can register to use our online services in order to book your appointment online. 

Patients can also use a text phone or minicom service. This can be set up from your own home. It is then possible for the Practice to receive calls from the service and they will send you a text with your appointment details on it. 

Help whilst visiting the Practice

If you use British Sign Language (BSL) an interpreter can be booked for your appointment, Please ask about this when making your appointment. 

The Practice has a hearing loop that patients are able to use. 

Other support available

You can find out more about support available to people with a hearing impairment in the Mendip Health Connections Directory here


Language Translation Service

Telephone and face to face language translation is available at Frome Medical Practice. Please ask for details about this at the Information Desk. 

This website can be translated into many different languages - simply click the word 'translate' at the top right hand side of every page and choose the language you wish to view the website in. 


Older People

Find out what we are doing as a practice to support older people here


People Living With Long Term Conditions

Find out what we are doing as a practice to support people living with long term conditions here


People With Poor Mental Health

Find out what we are doing as a practice to support people with poor mental health here


Preferred GP

When you register with us you are given a named GP. If there is a GP you would prefer to see then please request this in writing when handing in your completed registration form. 

If you do not know who your named GP is then please contact us and we can let you know. 

As part of our efforts to ensure continuity of care for patients we will always offer you an appointment with your preferred GP if this is what you would like. You can check when your preferred GP is working here


Safeguarding Patients

All members of staff at Frome Medical Practice are trained in how to safeguard patients, particularly those who are vulnerable. You can read our Safeguarding Policy here


Sharing Patient Information

Information about you may be shared between Frome Medical Practice and other healthcare organisations. You have the right to refuse to share such information.

You can read more about your Summary Care Record here


Visually Impaired 

There are a number of ways we try to support patients with a visual impairment: 

If you need help with reading text please ask at the Information Desk and you can borrow the hand held magnifier. 

Care Navigators who work on the Information Desk can help you to check in and can show you to the waiting area. 

We can also provide large print appointment cards. 

We can order information leaflets for you in Braille format. Please let us know if this would be helpful. 

This website also includes the User Way Widget, which allows you to increase the font size, change the text and highlight links, for example. You can access the widget via the symbol on the top left hand side of each page: 


Vulnerable People

Find out what we are doing as a practice to support vulnerable people here


Working Age People, Including Recently Retired and Students

Find out what we are doing as a practice to working age people, including recently retired and students,  here