Green and Healthy Future - Choosing Wisely, Healthy Lifestyles

What is Choosing Wisely? 

Choosing Wisely is one strand of our Green and Healthy Future partnership and has several different strands of work. Click below to find out more: 

Encouraging healthy lifestyles, including through increased green and social prescribing

Reducing the use of unnecessary medication

Reducing unnecessary testing


Encouraging healthy lifestyles - general information

There are many small changes we can make to our lifestyles that will have a positive impact on our health. This includes doing things such as: 

  • Stopping smoking
  • Being more physically active / moving more (including active travel) 
  • Healthier eating / eating well 
  • Reducing stress
  • Drinking less alcohol  

See the sections below for more information on each of these topics. 

There are some groups and resources available that can support you in making small but important changes to your health, as follows: 

Healthy Lifestyles Group 

Do you want to move more and feel healthier? Do you want to meet others and look at topics such as sleep, exercise, healthy eating, hydration, connecting and relaxation? If so, join in with this rolling programme. Come along to one or all the sessions. Join whenever you want.

Sessions take place online, every Tuesday from 2-3pm. 

Find out more and book to join in here

Healthy lifestyles leaflet

You can download our Healthy Lifestyles leaflet for some ideas of what's on offer in Frome to support you. 

Frome healthy lifestyles leaflet

Further information 

We've shared some ideas and links below on ways you can make small changes towards living a healthier life. But there's more information on these, and other topics related to looking after ourselves and self care on our website and also on the Health Connections Mendip website, in their resources section, which you can search by topic: 

Click here for more information on looking after yourself on our website

Click here for more information on a range of health related topics on the Health Connections Mendip website 


Stopping Smoking 

How to get help to stop smoking

Support to stop smoking is provided by Smokefreelife Somerset. You can find out more about what they offer here.

Full details on services across Somerset is available here, including what sessions you can attend in Frome. 

If you are pregnant Smokefreelife Somerset offers one-to-one support to help you quite smoking in pregnancy. The Mums2Be Smokefree Service offers appointments either at your home or another location of your choice. Initial appointments last 45-60 minutes and follow up appoinments usually about 30 minutes. If you would like to make an appointment please contact Smokefreelife Somerset on 01823 356222.

More information about stopping smoking

Information on the benefits of stopping supporting and ways you can stop is available on the Smokefreelife Somerset website here.

Ten self-help tips to stop smoking are available here.

For a personal quit plan – click here.

Information on stopping smoking in pregnancy is available here


Being more physically active / moving more (including active travel) 

Being more actice

For some simple ideas on being more active please click here. This will take you to some information that explains how every day activities can help us be more active and how to gradually build up activity levels. Hopefully you'll find this helpful! 

Mendip health walks 

These are walks of varying lengths for you to choose from, including two that take place in Frome:

  • Monday, 10.15 meet for a 10.30 start from the Cheese and Grain
  • Wednesday, 9.15 for a 9.30 start from Frome Medical Practice

To find out more about these and other walks, including how to book a spot, please click here or call Jo Smith 07855 283855 / 01823 653990.  


A parkrun takes place on the Old Showfield, off Rodden Road (near the practice) every Saturday at 9am. To find out more about taking part please click here. 


Healthier eating / eating well 

What does a healthy diet look like?

This picture of a food plate gives you an idea of what you should ideally be aiming to eat (click the image for a larger version): 

Eat more plants

The quality of our diet has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, and it is widely accepted that many medical condi9ons, including heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems, could be prevented improved, and in some cases, cured by a change in diet.

Although we are all different in terms of our food preferences, intolerances and health goals, evidence shows that eating a more whole-food plant-based diet benefits everyone.

To read more about about eating more plants, including some helpful tips and links to other sources of information, please click here


Reducing stress

Learning to relax

Times of calm and relaxation are vital for all of us.

There are almost no challenges in life that aren’t easier to deal with when we are calm enough, and all medical conditions and mental health problems will be improved by regular times of calm and relaxation. 

Read more about ways in to relax by clicking here. 

Sleep well

Good sleep is essential to mental and physical health. 

Click here for some tips on sleeping well. 

Talking Cafes

Talking Cafes are a place to meet new people, make friends and chat to a Health Connector about activities, support groups and services that are availble in your community. 

There are two talking cafes in Frome: 

  • Monday, 10.00am - 11.30am Cheese and Grain
  • Thursday, 1.0pm - 2.00pm, Coffee No 1

Find out more and book to go along by clicking here. 

Five ways to wellbeing

The following steps have been shown to help improve our wellbeing:

  • connection
  • be active
  • take notice
  • keep learning
  • give

Click the image for a larger version so you can read more detail about this: 

Need support?

If you're finding stress overwhelming and need more support, please click below: 

Information for adults

Information for children and young people


Drinking less alcohol  

Cutting back on the amount of alcohol you drink can be a really effective way to improve your health, boost your energy, lose weight and save money.

Any reduction in the amount you drink every week will be beneficial – and with the right support, it's easier than you think.

Click here for alcohol related resources and information.