Healthy Child Programme

It is important that mothers attend their 6-8 week post natal check. These appointments are continuing as normal, though we ask that you don’t attend if you have symptoms of coronavirus. 

What does Frome Medical Practice offer? 

Health and development reviews are offered for your baby until they are 2 years old. These are to support you and your baby and to make sure their development is on track.

Shortly before or after your baby is  born you will be given a personal child health record – often called ‘the red book’. This is used to record important information about your child, including height and weight and vaccination records.

At 6-8 weeks your baby will be invited for a thorough physical examination. This is carried out by your GP and is often done at the same time as your post-natal check.

After this, routine development checks will be carried out by your Health Visitor.


Other support available

More information on the various reviews your baby will undergo is available here.

If needed, you can find out more information about the health visiting team, including their contact details, here.

Information on childhood immunisations is available here.

Information on maternity care is available here.