Green Impact for Health Videos - Ecotricity

Ecotricity Introduction to Conference 



Dr Simon Pickering, Principal Ecologist



“Well I was expecting an informed audience certainly. The GPs I know are very engaged in environmental issues, and also I know Frome is to be quite honest. I know it has got an amazing reputation. So I think what I learned was more about actually learning about the environmental impact or the carbon impact of prescribing. It’s huge! I never really thought of that, it’s quite amazing. From an Ecotricity point of view our core areas are energy, transport and food and obviously we provide green energy to actually cut the carbon emission of everybody’s household or business, and obviously food is really really important. Not only where you buy it, what type of food whether is is meat or vegetables but also where you buy it from. By eating local, whether it is local meat or local vegetarian it is really really important, and as a company we also recognise that wildlife is a key part of it. Giving land back to nature is absolutely crucial.”