Green Impact for Health Conference Videos - RCGP

Professor Amanda Howe, President



“I thought we’d all learn a lot from each other and I think that’s already happening. I hoped that the group afterwards would be able to send out their learning to other groups so we can share, even though there are a lot of people who aren’t in the room today, and that it continues what’s clearly a movement towards people being more aware and taking more action.

We can all act as individual, as citizens, on climate change, the emergency, and making a difference. We can all act as GPs, or wherever we are working in the community, but that’s my community, so the examples that we are seeing here, the Green Impact Toolkit, how you can have a discussion with your patients, how you can make your own lives more balanced and effective, and then we can all act as professionals whatever position we are in. We have got networks, we have got ways of influencing, and we need to get other people working with us to get those messages out and about.”


Dr Terry Kemple, Sustainability Lead

"We can make a difference."



“My hopes for today are that all those practices that are coming along today, really, can go back to their local communities and actually start to make a difference with this whole green agenda that we have to do. We have to get into this great transformation of our society and I think these will be the leaders in that movement. It is still this first part of the day there is a lot of enthusiasm in the room, there is a lot of very good questions, a lot of problem solving questions and answers coming out; so I feel today is going very well at the moment and I hope we are going to keep the energy up through the day.”

“I think the main message I’d like to tell people is that ‘we can make a difference’. There is a lot of sense that somebody else will have to solve the problem but ‘we can make a difference’ and general practice because we have a footprint in the community, everywhere in the UK. We can really influence both our practices, our staff, and our communities to really get on board with this whole, moving towards the new green agenda, fossil free future, that we are all looking for.”