Conference Food



"This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey. It leaves a footprint. It leaves a legacy".  Joel Salatin

Hosting regular shared lunch days are one part of the Green Impact for Health toolkit we have loved introducing.  Bringing people together to share healthy food, prepared with love, has been a great way to bring more connection with colleagues

We are really grateful to Ecotricity who are sponsoring our Conference Vegan Lunch.  We are also really excited to be inviting Jo Harrington back to to the Practice.  All we can tell you is that having experienced Jo's food first hand you are in for a real treat.  Jo will also be supporting some delicious vegan snacks at break times. Jo will be sourcing many of her ingredients from our local producer 42 Acres.  42 acres is a working farm, where they grow fruit and vegetables using various farming techniques that help regenerate the soil and give back the nutrients to the land. They use biodynamic permaculture and non plough techniques to suit our local Somerset landscape.

Jo will also be providing a range of snacks during the Conference and Pukka are kindly sponsoring all our Conference teas. In the spirit of the Conference we will only be providing plant based oat drinks for teas and coffees, thanks to Oatly

Jo will be creating a recipe in honour of the Conference and we will sharing this after the Conference on our Sharing Bright Ideas page. 

More about Jo Harrington,  our Vegan Chef

Five years ago Jo was working as a chef, when she decided the restaurant needed to add a vegan menu. Unable to find vegan food she loved she set herself a challenge to only cook and eat vegan food for a month. At the end of the month she had a folder full of delicious recipes, had lost weight, felt fitter and had more mental clarity and inner calm than she had had in years. Not having planned it, Jo was an accidental vegan and was never going back. 

Since then Jo has set up a vegan catering company and the events company Vegan Fairs, following the extremely successful Frome Vegan Fair in 2017.  She has spent the last few years actively involved in Vegan Outreach through these events, running Free Vegan Cookouts, performing numerous cookery demonstrations, at events with an emphasis on low impact, seasonal recipes and teaching anyone who would like to learn more about plant- based food. She instigated and runs the first Vegan Human Book Library at events, a way for people to explore the multiple issues around veganism, but never have the chance to ask. 

Jo has lots of exciting plans for the future.


Conference Menu 

Main Course    
Mushroom & herb tart with walnut pastry (contains walnuts) or Trio of beetroot with whipped almond & thyme nut cheese (contains almond nuts)
Raw Salad Selection    
Cauliflower rice with winter vegetables salad
Bejewelled slaw with apple & cranberries
Pear Waldorf Salad (contains mustard and walnuts)
Kale and winter greens salad
Winter Sauerkraut
Selection of salad dressings  (may contain sesame seeds, mustard & nuts)
Selection of flax seed crackers & Stone-age bread (may contain sesame seeds, almond, walnuts, hazelnuts)
Oat butter (contains gluten free oats)
Apple Pie with date caramel sauce or Carrot Cake with hazelnut cream (contains walnuts, hazelnuts)