Get Online - Help and Support To Get You Online

2020 has shown us just how much of a difference the Internet and being online can make to our lives. We have held some of our appointments over the internet and some of our group consultations now take place via online groups. And we're increasingly seeing patients using tools such as the NHS App to manage their health online too. 

But for many people making video calls to their friends, ordering their shopping or arranging repeat prescriptions using their mobile phone is all still something of a mystery.

Here at the practice we want to do what we can to support people to get online, as we recognise this can benefit their health and many other aspects of their lives. 


What are we doing to help patients get online? 

We're holding 'Get Online' Workshops 

In November 2020 we are running two online workshops to help patients to 'get online'. The workshops will help people learn more about useful online tools, such as video calling, how to 'google' things and how you can use useful apps on your smart device (such as your tablet or smart phone.)

And if patients are concerned about how they join in with the online workshops, our Digital Health Connector will go through this with you on the phone beforehand to make sure you can be a part of the session. 

You can find out about the workshops by clicking here. (Note that if you are clicking after 23rd November 2020 the workshops will already have taken place.) 


We are encouraging patients to use the NHS App 

We want to support as many patients as possible to use the NHS App. Why? With the NHS App you can order repeat prescriptions, check your test results, make some appointments and update things such as your organ donation wishes. Many of these tasks can easily be done via the NHS App and save our patients the inconvenience of having to call the practice. 

For more information about the NHS App please click here. 


We've employed a Digital Health Connector 

It's increasingly important that patients can access their health information online. Many of our patients are already registered to use our online services and are also now starting to use the NHS App.

We appreciate that some of our patients will need help with this.  Our Digital Health Connector is here to support people with downloading Apps, registering to use them and understanding how they can then access their health information online. 

For more information about our Digital Health Connector please click here. 


Regular Digital Community Connector Training offered to the local community 

Health Connections Mendip offer Digital Community Connector training.

On these hour long sessions, which take place online, you can find out about the digital support in your community. You will find out how to sign up to the NHS app so you can book GP appointments online, order prescriptions and simple information that you can pass on to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours about how to communicate online.

This training is for anyone in the local community who wants to learn more themselves and then be able to help family, friends and neighbours by passing on tips and useful resources to help them get the most out of being online.

You can find out more about joining one of the Digital Community Connector training sessions by clicking here.