Charity of the Year 

As part of our commitment to our Core Value of Responsibility and also to our local community, Frome Medical Practice has decided to choose a Charity of the Year, starting from January 2020.

Each year the Charity will be chosen by the whole team, through a two stage voting process:

  • All staff are invited to nominate their favourite local charity.
  • The three charities with the most nominations are then put forward to the whole team to vote on.

The same Charity won't be chosen for two consecutive years.


2020 Charity of the Year

The team have chosen We Hear You (WHY) as their Charity of the Year for 2020.

WHY celebrated their 25th anniversary of working in Frome in 2019. The charity provides emotional support to patients, families, friends and carers who have been affected by cancer or any other life threatening condition.

You find out more about the support We Hear You offers here.

And if you are interested in supporting the charity yourself there are many ways to do this, including volunteering, donating, fundraising and regular giving. You can find out about all of this under the ‘Get Involved’ section of their website.  

We will update this page over the next few weeks as we decide what we will do to support WHY over the next 12 months.




Fundraising Events

Rainbow Badges

Thanks to Jasmin, our Human Resources Assistant, for organising the sale of rainbow badges to the team during the coronavirus lockdown. This raised £64 for WHY. 

Charity Quiz Night

On Friday 6th March we held a charity quiz night and raffle for the staff and their families here at the practice. Twelve teams entered and £170 was raised for We Hear You.