The Frome Medical Centre may well be home to 130 health professionals, including 30 GPs and the mental health team. However, right from the moment when the new £10.5m building was planned more than ten years ago, it was always intended that the public of Frome and its surrounding area should think of the building as theirs and for them to put to use for their community.

The Frome Medical Centre is not only a stunning building, it but it is a home to the community, exactly as it should be. The Conference Centre suite of rooms is already being used by many groups within the community, from the Mature Movers club to Frome Town Council.
The rooms themselves are modern, clean and airy, with great facilities. The rooms aren’t just available during the day, but also in the evenings as well. What marks this facility apart is that it can also rely on the services of Bayfields Coffee at the Cafe, who can provide whatever refreshments that you need, even during evenings by arrangement.

As with all the other public facilities at the Frome Medical Centre, the costs are extremely competitive. For charities and other organisations we have special arrangements to encourage use of the Conference Centre. Whether you need just a small seminar room or seating for more than 100, just click here for what is available for your needs.

Contact Amanda Jarvis and her team for details of costs and availability and how your organisation, sports club or charity now has available to them new comfortable meeting rooms with the best state of the art facilities that are available. Your community home-right here at the Frome Medical Centre at Enos Way in Frome.

Contact: Amanda Jarvis on 01373 301329 and