Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme

We are delighted to be offering a Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme to patients that are at risk from developing Diabetes.

There are over 30,000 people in Somerset currently living with Diabetes. Around 90 per cent of them have Type 2 Diabetes. The risk of developing the disease can be reduced by simply maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and keeping physically active.

Dr Helen Kingston, Senior Partner with Frome Medical Centre, explained: “The incidence of Type 2 Diabetes is rising fast and largely associated with our unhealthy lifestyles and poor diet. Frome Medical Practice, along with Beckington Family Practice and Mendip Country Practice are currently piloting two digital diabetes prevention schemes aimed at helping patients who have not yet got the disease but could be at risk.

Patients identified at being at risk will be invited to attend a Diabetes prevention evening on April 24th. 
If there is sufficient demand then we will run an additional evening clinic. To take part patients will need access to a smart phone or equivalent digital technology.

After having a blood test patients will be invited to meet and select the digital provider of their choice. There will also be the chance to meet and attend a talk with either our Specialist Diabetes nurse or one of our GP Partners.



Oviva is a personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme with an expert
dietitian and digital tools. The programme consists of an initial call with a dietitian to
create a personalised action plan, followed by 8 weeks of intensive lifestyle coaching to
help you achieve your goals. All appointments are arranged at a time to suit you, either
via telephone or the Oviva smartphone application. Further support is provided via a
free online learning suite, including videos and podcasts that cover different lifestyle



Buddi’s nujjer programme 

Buddi's nujjer programme is an activity-sensitive wristband and smartphone
application that allows you to monitor your physical activity and behavioural changes
over time. Nujjer will give you personalised activity and weight goals throughout the
programme. You will be able to track your step count, sleeping hours and eating
patterns, and have the ability to set your own goals and record achievements. You will
receive personalised messages of support and the option to be distracted from food
cravings with online activities.

The nujjer application provides learning modules that focus on diet, exercise and mental
resilience as well as motivational messages in response to your actions to help you
make healthy and long term lifestyle choices.