Diabetes - Video Group Clinic 

What does Frome Medical Practice offer? 

After your annual diabetes foot check with one of our Health Care Assistants you will be invited to our online Video Group Clinic. We will complete the rest of your diabetes annual review at this clinic. 


What is a Video Group Clinic?

A Video Group Clinic is an online session providing you with healthcare services from a clinician, in your own home. The  Diabetes Video Group Clinic will be open to 6-12 other people with Type 2 diabetes. The session will work as follows: 

  • You will each have dedicated time with the diabetic nurse to discuss the results from your recent foot check.
  • As this is a group session there will be discussion about other people's results, as well as your own. This encourages sharing of information about what other people have done when faced with similar results and can be really beneficial to patients. 
  • You will get support from the diabetic nurse and from fellow patients. This helps you to better understand and self manage diabetes. Patients have a lot of knowledge about their conditions and how to successfully manage them. The session is an opportunity to share and learn from each other, as well as from the health care professionals.
  • You will have the time to ask questions to explore diabetes further.
  • We will explore small manageable steps that you can take to improve your self management of diabetes.

After the session we will provide you with lots of resources and the opportunity for additional support with our health care professionals.

This short video helps to explain what a Video Group Clinic is and what you can expect when you join one: 


What are the benefits of Video Group Clinics?

There are many benefits to joining a Video Group Clinic, rather than a 1-1 session with a health care professional. 

  • More time with a Health Care Professional than is available in a 1-1 appointment
  • More time to discuss worries or concerns
  • The opportunity to learn more about your condition
  • Learning from others with similar health issues
  • Not feeling isolated and alone in managing your health
  • Exploring what works best for you and your health and wellbeing
  • Reducing the need for coming into the surgery - which helps to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, saves you time getting to and from practice and helps to reduce carbon footprint

What do our patients say about Video Group Clinics?

Here's what patients have said about our recent Video Group Clinics:

"Wonderful and informative, thank you”

“I felt supported and heard”

“ I feel motivated to make a small change”

“Listening to what other people are going thorough and how they are dealing with diabetes and understanding how differently it effects each individual and how they are managing their lifestyle. Didn't feel so much as if I was on my own dealing with it all.”

“I feel less alone with my diabetes”

“Really interesting to hear my results and what they mean, I’ve had Diabetes for years and I’ve never understood my results in full and what the ranges meant”

“Having never joined a video call, I didn’t know what to expect, joining was easy and straight forward and the team were very helpful!”


 How can I join the sessions?

If you are due your annual review or have had an invitation from us to attend the Video Group Clinic then please complete the self-referral form - click here. 

Once we receive your form, we will be in touch with you to chat through enrolling on the session so you can complete your annual review for diabetes.


I’ve never joined a Video Group Clinic before. Help!

Don’t worry if this is new and you’ve never joined a video call. We are here to help.

We have a dedicated team here at the practice to take you through joining the Video Group Clinic step-by-step, at your pace. Lots of patients have never joined a session before, so please don’t worry or think you will be the only person who is new to this. We will support every step of the way.

Please contact us for more information if needed. Please click here or alternatively please call our Care Navigators on 01373 301301 and say that you'd like to talk to a Digital Champion about borrowing a device so you can join an online session. 


What happens if I don’t have a device that I can get online with? Can I still join a Video Group Clinic?

We are able to support patients who don't have a device, as we have devices that you can borrow.

Once we know you need to borrow a device one of our team can come to your home and set it up for you and show you step by step how it all works, at your own pace.

If this is something you’re interested in please click here or alternatively please call our Care Navigators on 01373 301301 and say that you'd like to talk to a Digital Champion about borrowing a device so you can join an online session. 


Can I change or cancel my Video Group Clinic for a 1-1 appointment?

Yes - please call our Care Navigators on 01373 301301 to arrange this. 


Find out more

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this further please contact us by emailing somccg.frome.VGC@nhs.net or call our Care Navigators on 01373 301301.